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I am a reasonably successful self-published author ("successful" means I can pay the bills and am highly rated in my Amazon category), former financial advisor (writing is more fun), and have something in common with Mitt Romney and Donny Osmond. Guess.

Wearing the Cape Q & A

Three guesses who this is, once again the latest character piece from the amazing Jamal Campbell. Just as a side-note, you have to love Jamal’s name; could it possibly be more American (Canadian)? Jamal means “handsome” in the original Arabic, … Continue reading

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Wearing the Cape: The RPG, Astra

Hello, all faithful and impatient readers! Nothing new to say about Small Town Heroes, other than it is coming along and I’m feeling very good about it (anything more would be spoilers). Still looking at a late-summer release date. Right … Continue reading

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New Superhero Anthology

Just a quick note: The Good Fight, the first superhero anthology by the Pen and Cape Society (a co-op of self-publishing superhero authors, including yours truly), has just become available on for the low price of $0 dollars. Omega … Continue reading

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Updates, Cool Art, and Small Town Heroes Chapter Two.

Very cool art. So, first apologies. I am way behind on Small Town Heroes, for which I am very, very sorry. All I can say is a lot of things have been happening, but I have also let myself get … Continue reading

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A Winter War

Heroes against profiling. I know I’ve already talked about the new Captain America movie, but I just caught an excellent article on Law and the Multiverse. It discusses Operation Insight, the initiative that Alexander Pierce *cough* Hydra spearheaded within SHIELD … Continue reading

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Being Gwen Stacy.

If you don’t know what happens next, go away and come back when you do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I hope that wasn’t too annoying, but who … Continue reading

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A Fire In The Mind

Time for some thrillin’ heroics. This is my second review in a month, which is something of a record for me lately, but I had to give the Firefly Roleplaying Game a mention. Disclaimer: I don’t play RPGs these days, … Continue reading

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Movie Review-The Winter Soldier.

I have been waiting for this since the first Captain America movie, half-certain I would be disappointed. After all, Thor: The Dark World was better than Thor, but Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 were both a step down … Continue reading

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Updates and First Chapter (The first one’s free…)

I keep resolving to post more…. For everyone out there who is wondering what is going on: 1.) Book 5 continues apace. A fairly recent development is that I have temporarily shelved the Japan-trip storyline–I still want to do it, … Continue reading

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New Website Up!

It’s not exciting news, but it’s news! We have finally set up the new homepage for my books. We have kept the domain name because, let’s face it, it’s perfect. Although the page is pretty bare right now, with … Continue reading

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