Author-Signed Copies

My career is not yet at the point where I am traveling the country doing book signings, and while it has been suggested that I should be making the comics-convention circuit I am very focused on my writing now. However, in response to requests/questions about autographed copies, I have arranged through Paypal to simplify purchasing. Now instead of ordering a copy on Amazon, then mailing it to me to sign and mail back, readers who would like to own a signed copy of Wearing the Cape or Villains Inc. can order one here. I keep several copies of each book on hand, and can sign and ship a copy within a few days.


Postage Note: the $4.95 shipping fee is only for orders within the US. For international shipping, please contact me directly to calculate the price.

6 thoughts on “Author-Signed Copies

  1. Hey, just thought I’d drop a line. I have enjoyed the few books of yours I could find. I’ve been a comic fan for decades, and I love the new perspective on the supers. I thought I would let you know that Salt Lake is having its first ever ComicCon in September, I know your not doing much of these yet, but I figured since its practically (ok, 5-6 hour drive) in your back yard, maybe you could see about attending.

    I’ll leave you the link to it, JUST incase your interested.

    A (not so young) Fan

  2. Aloha! Wondering if this is still available as an option – each time I try to click the Pay Now button, I get an error message. if the link isn’t working, is there another way to buy signed copies?

    1. Okay, here’s what you do. Go to and purchase the books there. There is a NOTE button on the checkout page. Just enter that you would appreciate author-signed copies (preferably with the name you’d like them to be signed for), and you’re golden! I’ll get the note and do the deed.

      1. I have been told that the page may be redirecting to Amazon at this time. I’ll check it out. Meanwhile what we could do is you could drop a note at, and tell me which books you want and who to sign them to there. I will get in touch and arrange direct shipping and you can settle through Paypal.

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