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Red Is The New Black

Not so long ago someone asked me if I thought the superhero genre was exhausted, and my response was that I felt it was just getting started. I compared it to the vampire phenomenon, and how the bloodsuckers seemed to … Continue reading

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You must remember this…

With superheroes becoming more popular, they have begun to spread outside their traditional comic-book and movie-screen mediums. Serious novel writers are taking notice of the dramatic possibilities inherent in superheroics–which are, after all, no more implausible than the flood of … Continue reading

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Power Games: Astra.

Wearing the Cape has a big cast, most of which are superheroes. One of the biggest problems this created was the need for careful consistency. Who is the strongest hero? The fastest? How do they stack up against each other? … Continue reading

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Cosmic Questions

Almost a couple of months ago now, I promised to talk more about world-building and superheroes–how I arrived at the Post-Event setting Wearing the Cape takes place in. So let’s talk about comic-book history and choices. Where do superpowers come … Continue reading

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Adventures In Indie-Publishing

So, it has now been two months since the April 25th Kindle publication of Wearing the Cape on Amazon. How is it going? Hard to say since I don’t have a lot to compare it too, so lets look at … Continue reading

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