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In which Captain Kirk is the very model of a modern major general.

And now to sink for all time my reputation as a serious literary intellect. In my college days I couldn’t get enough of Star Trek–specifically Star Trek novels, and Penguin Books was cooperating by pumping out a title or three … Continue reading

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Q&A: Loving The Grilling.

One of the things I was warned about, when I started marketing Wearing the Cape, was that some nosy Parkers would actually want to interview me about the book. Why? I’m not trying to be obtuse; it’s simply that, as … Continue reading

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Its name is Montmorency.

When one thinks of time travel stories, H.G. Well’s Time Machine comes to mind, and Ray Bradbury’s The Thunder Of Its Wings, and then of course Back To The Future I, II, and III, and… The point is that most … Continue reading

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A Midsummer Night’s Alt-History.

Alternative-history novels are fairly common now, stories where history diverged because of a single changed event. What is less common is alt-history fantasy.  Historical alt-history fantasy is least common of all. Back in 1988, Melissa Scott, better known for her … Continue reading

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Wonder Women, Part 2: From Damsels In Distress To Chicks With Guns.

Once upon a time, women in stories were pretty much there to be rescued. But in the 20th Century, woman went from being man’s “helpmeet” to being man’s partner (the details are still being discussed, but at least in our … Continue reading

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Wonder Women; Both Functional And Decorative.

Now that the hoped-for Wonder Woman TV series has died in production, I think this is a good moment to talk about superheroines (or, to be PC, female superheroes) and their treatment in comics and cartoons. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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The Midas Review

Writers are an insecure bunch, at least going from my admittedly-small sample group. Why? Because if a writer is lucky he will have a writing-group able to help him with style and such, and a few alpha and beta-readers (usually … Continue reading

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