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Dead-Tree Edition Finished!

Hello everyone, just thought I’d catch you up on the latest Team-Ups and Crossovers publishing news. The Paperback Edition is Out! It’s always a huge relief to get the last step of publication, the print-on-demand paperback edition, out of the … Continue reading

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The Radical Moderate 6: Chill, Everyone.

I went to sleep last night with the election undecided. I woke up this morning to learn that Donald Trump had won. I also woke up to find half the country losing its mind. I did not vote for Trump. … Continue reading

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The Radical Moderate 5: “Choose! Choose the form of the Destructor!”

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”  (H. L. Mencken) I promised myself I was going to let this election season go by without putting my political … Continue reading

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And We’re Rolling.

So, Team-Ups and Crossovers has been out a week. What’s in a week? About 1,000 sales, that’s what. TUAC has hit #1 in one of its Amazon Categories at least twice, and would have hit #1 in the Superhero Novel … Continue reading

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