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WtC: the RPG, Update.

Just thought I’d continue to break my tradition of one-per-month posts by posting an update on WtC: the RPG! I am still awaiting final word from MWP to do the book, but it looks promising so I have been absorbing … Continue reading

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One Of Those Days.

Not Astra, but oh yeah–this is her life. Normally I post irresistible art like this on my Facebook page, but I just had to pass it along here. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Victory, the main character in … Continue reading

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Announcing Wearing the Cape: The RPG.

Not the game system I’ll be using. So I’ve made no secret of my desire to eventually develop or sponsor a roleplaying game  book using the Post-Event setting of the Wearing the Cape stories. Because of course I wasn’t just a … Continue reading

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