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Domo Arigato, Big Hero Six.

I am a huge fan of CGI movies like The Incredibles and now Big Hero Six, as well as a big fan of Live Action/CGI movies like The Avengers and every other superhero movie out now. Why? A couple of … Continue reading

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He did what?

Iron Man: the ultimate mecha-man. I don’t normally go and see a movie on opening night, but I decided that if I wanted to enjoy Iron Man 3 without spoilers I needed to do it quickly. Fair warning: this post … Continue reading

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News, and Ruminations on the Superhero Genre

The first half of 2012 has been a great year for both Wearing the Cape and Villains Inc. Both have spent several months among the Top 10 titles in Amazon’s superhero category. WtC remains in the Top 10, while VI … Continue reading

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Hulking Up

The Hulk has always struck me as the perfect example of Character Degeneration. In the “original” origin-story, Bruce Banner was a nuclear physicist designing bigger and better bombs for the US government; think of him as another Oppenheimer. On the … Continue reading

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Captain America, Superpatriot.

In the run-up to this summer’s superhero blockbuster, The Avengers, I’ve decided to take some time and look at the core heroes of the much-anticipated movie. This is partly an exercise in meme-mining for my own uses, since I have … Continue reading

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Calling all Heroes.

Now that I have finally seen all the superhero movies of 2011, I find myself meditating on the question of what makes a superhero. More particularly, what makes a person with the power to Make A Difference actually put on … Continue reading

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