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The Velveteen Hero

Where are they now? There’s another word for teen sidekicks. It’s child-soldiers. I stumbled across this gem on TV Tropes, followed the link to Amazon, and… well, go there to read my review. I’ll say this here; Seanan McGuire gets … Continue reading

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Enter Villains, Stage Right.

As of this post, Villains Inc. is available on Amazon.com. To be more precise, the first episode of Villains Inc., Preemption, is now available. I am publishing Villains Inc. as a series of  linked novellas, one a month, the final … Continue reading

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The Midas Review

Writers are an insecure bunch, at least going from my admittedly-small sample group. Why? Because if a writer is lucky he will have a writing-group able to help him with style and such, and a few alpha and beta-readers (usually … Continue reading

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Wearing the Cape becomes YWO bestseller!

Writing Wearing the Cape has been, to quote the great Bill and Ted, “a most excellent adventure.” The plot came together two years ago, scene drafts followed, and last year I threw myself into it with a goal of finishing … Continue reading

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