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She’s Killing Me

Ever lose a day to something you totally shouldn’t have done and not regret it at all? Yeah, I thought so. In this case it’s NOT MY FAULT. I totally blame Alexi and Melinda. Just so you know, Alexi is … Continue reading

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Epicosity and Consequences.

I love the look on GL’s face. Seeing the launch of this new Green Lantern arc has got me thinking of epic scale–what I like to call “epicosity”–and consequences in superhero worlds. Because, let’s face it, if we’re talking about … Continue reading

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Small Town Heroes Paperback Edition

Thanks for everybody’s patience! Small Town Heroes took much longer to finish than I expected, and I hope it has been worth the wait. Also thanks to everyone who ran out and grabbed it as soon as it was up, … Continue reading

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Enter Villains, Stage Right.

As of this post, Villains Inc. is available on Amazon.com. To be more precise, the first episode of Villains Inc., Preemption, is now available. I am publishing Villains Inc. as a series of  linked novellas, one a month, the final … Continue reading

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