One Of Those Days.

Little Victory, respect_my_authority_by_jollyjack-d6tvso9Not Astra, but oh yeah–this is her life.

Normally I post irresistible art like this on my Facebook page, but I just had to pass it along here. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Victory, the main character in Mr. Jackson’s Little Victory series. And yeah, it’s good.


About George

I am a reasonably successful self-published author ("successful" means I can pay the bills and am highly rated in my Amazon category), former financial advisor (writing is more fun), and have something in common with Mitt Romney and Donny Osmond. Guess.
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1 Response to One Of Those Days.

  1. ArdRhi says:

    I have to agree. I got the first two Little Victory comics quite a while ago, and they’re delightful. I’ve been waiting for more before I get them all in a bunch.

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