Dead-Tree Edition Finished!


Hello everyone, just thought I’d catch you up on the latest Team-Ups and Crossovers publishing news.

The Paperback Edition is Out!

It’s always a huge relief to get the last step of publication, the print-on-demand paperback edition, out of the way. Readers who are waiting for the print edition can order it today at the Createspace online store. It will take a few days to become available on Amazon.

Glitches and Fixes.

Some purchasers of the ebook may have discovered an infuriating glitch in the file; on some ebook readers, large blocks of text were whited out in the Astra Gets Grrl Power short story. The easy fix to this was to change the reader’s background to sepia (or black), but how is anyone to know that? Fortunately, we were able to discover the bad code creating the problem, scrub it, and re-upload a fixed ebook file to Amazon. In cases like this, Kindle Direct Publishing sends out notices to all previous purchasers alerting them to the fix and offering the option of updating their e-copy. Hopefully everyone has received one (if you haven’t, contact Amazon).

The good news in this is that, although it caused production of the paperback edition to run a little late, we also found a few typos and grammar errors that escaped the final edit-round. They have been fixed in the re-uploaded file (and of course in the paperback edition file).

Sales and Ratings.

It’s always nervous-making, the first 3 or 4 weeks, wondering how the new book will perform in sales and waiting for reader reviews to begin coming in. I’m happy to say that reader reception of Team-Ups and Crossovers has been very gratifying. Although released later this year than I wished for, T&C has enjoyed robust sales and tracks to do at least as well as Ronin Games did last year. Also, with just under 40 reviews, Team-Ups and Crossovers looks poised to continue the 4 1/2-star run of the rest of the Wearing the Cape books, so thank you to everyone who has posted thoughtful/critical reviews on Amazon!

Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game.

I now get to turn my undivided attention to getting WtC:RPG ready for the December Kickstarter campaign. The art continues to come in, and the writing side is nearly complete.


This project has been a dream of mine, and I’ll be glad to see it finished!

That’s it for now; if I don’t post again in the next week, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember, it’s the family, not the turkey, that counts.


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