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I am a reasonably successful self-published author ("successful" means I can pay the bills and am highly rated in my Amazon category), former financial advisor (writing is more fun), and have something in common with Mitt Romney and Donny Osmond. Guess.

Imagine. Please.

So this is it. The end of another year. And I’ve got to admit, I can’t remember one when we have been more divided as a community (I’m speaking of my American readers here). The 2016 Election was the most … Continue reading

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Good Will to All.

No big news to share, no deep opinions. Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game moves forward (with art still the current bottleneck), and drafting for Recursion (what will hopefully be one of two Wearing the Cape books for next year) … Continue reading

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Wearing the Cape: the Kickstarter.

Coming soon, to a Kickstarter page near you! I have been telling everyone that, once Team-Ups and Masterminds was behind me, I would be focusing on Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game to drive the project through to completion. So … Continue reading

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Dead-Tree Edition Finished!

Hello everyone, just thought I’d catch you up on the latest Team-Ups and Crossovers publishing news. The Paperback Edition is Out! It’s always a huge relief to get the last step of publication, the print-on-demand paperback edition, out of the … Continue reading

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The Radical Moderate 6: Chill, Everyone.

I went to sleep last night with the election undecided. I woke up this morning to learn that Donald Trump had won. I also woke up to find half the country losing its mind. I did not vote for Trump. … Continue reading

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The Radical Moderate 5: “Choose! Choose the form of the Destructor!”

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”  (H. L. Mencken) I promised myself I was going to let this election season go by without putting my political … Continue reading

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And We’re Rolling.

So, Team-Ups and Crossovers has been out a week. What’s in a week? About 1,000 sales, that’s what. TUAC has hit #1 in one of its Amazon Categories at least twice, and would have hit #1 in the Superhero Novel … Continue reading

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Update: Team-Ups and Crossovers Released!

Just a quick update! The final stages went much more quickly than expected, and Team-Ups and Crossovers is now available for Kindle on Amazon! As mentioned before, it will be available in paperback within a couple of weeks. Everyone … Continue reading

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Team Ups and Crossovers

Typhoon, Velveteen, Astra, and The Mighty Halo. Not quite the finished cover-art, but close… So I’m two months late. I’ve learned two things this year; 1.) I don’t multi-task at all well, and 2.) writing short stories is as hard … Continue reading

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In A Good Place

Which of these two doesn’t look comfortable? Jean Paul Sartre once wrote “Hell is other people.” He also wrote “Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth.” Neither statement has much obviously to do with The Good Place, a great … Continue reading

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