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I am a reasonably successful self-published author ("successful" means I can pay the bills and am highly rated in my Amazon category), former financial advisor (writing is more fun), and have something in common with Mitt Romney and Donny Osmond. Guess.

The Bat and the Cat

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Heroes Without Borders

Wow, a second “serious” blog post in just one week! This one’s inspired by what’s going on right now (Ukraine, of course). I’m not about to try and predict how all of this will end, but only ask that you … Continue reading

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Rambling On

It’s now four-thirty in the morning. Two-thirty Las Vegas time, but I’m in Pensacola. I’m wide awake because my roommate had to get up and get out to catch his flight home. I was awake anyway, I do that around … Continue reading

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Non-Writing Stuff, and a Sneak-Peek.

Hello Everyone! I’ve got no major news at this time, but thought I’d drop a post telling you what’s going on right now. Two big things this month: first, I’m in a 5-book giveaway with some excellent authors, most of … Continue reading

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Always a Hero

So I finally saw Spider-Man: No Way Home (waited to catch it with a friend), and then spent some time thinking about it. SPOILER ALERT. I’m going to assume, as late as I was, that anyone reading this who hasn’t … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, and Updates.

Here we are again, at my favorite time of year. In case you haven’t noticed, between the part the season played in Book 1 and my own stab at a Christmas Carol short story, I love Christmas. I hope you … Continue reading

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A Hero is . . . Coded?

(Warning: This post contains serious spoilers for anyone who has not seen Free Guy. If you haven’t seen it, SEE IT. If you have, then carry on.) Thanks, everyone. I have been . . . concerned that Joyeuse Guard’s tardiness … Continue reading

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So, About Everything . . .

I didn’t even post about THIS. Blog updating is a habit I dropped out of, for which I apologize. So! A few things have happened, obviously. The convention trips ended last month with a guest spot at Grand Rapids Comic … Continue reading

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Updates and Those Word Things

A motley parcel of rogues. I’m back! Pensacon was a blast, and I’m looking forward to several more cons this year as things begin to spool up again now that the vaccination rollouts have allowed us to come out of … Continue reading

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The Wages of Fallacy

It’s been awhile since I last spouted off about political philosophy, but something recently reminded me and I remembered a Radical Moderate topic I wanted to bring up some time: the evils of fallacies. A quick recap of my Radical … Continue reading

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