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War is Never Civil.

Team Steve! Team Tony! Wait, this feels familiar… I have just come from watching Captain America III: Civil War. I went into it with lower expectations than I might have; Batman v. Superman was…okay but flawed and I enjoyed it … Continue reading

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A Winter War

Heroes against profiling. I know I’ve already talked about the new Captain America movie, but I just caught an excellent article on Law and the Multiverse. It discusses Operation Insight, the initiative that Alexander Pierce *cough* Hydra spearheaded within SHIELD … Continue reading

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Movie Review-The Winter Soldier.

I have been waiting for this since the first Captain America movie, half-certain I would be disappointed. After all, Thor: The Dark World was better than Thor, but Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 were both a step down … Continue reading

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Assembling Avengers

Welcome to the finish of the longest “origin story” in history. It began with Iron Man, went through four more movies establishing characters, and has now concluded with an epic story that, in the highest superhero tradition, threatens the world … Continue reading

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Captain America, Superpatriot.

In the run-up to this summer’s superhero blockbuster, The Avengers, I’ve decided to take some time and look at the core heroes of the much-anticipated movie. This is partly an exercise in meme-mining for my own uses, since I have … Continue reading

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Calling all Heroes.

Now that I have finally seen all the superhero movies of 2011, I find myself meditating on the question of what makes a superhero. More particularly, what makes a person with the power to Make A Difference actually put on … Continue reading

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