Don’t Miss this Marvel!

So I waited until I could see the entire first season at once and binge-watched Ms. Marvel in a couple of nights (my favorite way of viewing the MCU’s mini-series offerings). I wasn’t expecting that much from it; something as actiony and intermittently lighthearted as Hawkeye, perhaps. I was pleasantly surprised. Ms. Marvel is “the … More Don’t Miss this Marvel!

He did what?

Iron Man: the ultimate mecha-man. I don’t normally go and see a movie on opening night, but I decided that if I wanted to enjoy Iron Man 3 without spoilers I needed to do it quickly. Fair warning: this post spoils the hell out of it, so if you want to see it with the … More He did what?

Marvel Mystery Men

Real men don’t wear tights. It should be obvious to anyone who’s read my books that I love superheroes. Despite this I haven’t picked up very many comic titles recently, for a reason I imagine I share with a lot of older readers: the sheer weight of superhero mythology. What do I mean by this? … More Marvel Mystery Men