The Gods, They Are Not Your Friends.

Nobody ever got it right, until Rick Riordan. Not the comic books that made them superheroes, not the TV shows, and certainly not Disney. Who knew that Riordan could launch a best-selling YA series based on the absolute truth: all the gods are bastards. Complete SOBs. Riordan’s Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books give … More The Gods, They Are Not Your Friends.

Calling all Heroes.

Now that I have finally seen all the superhero movies of 2011, I find myself meditating on the question of what makes a superhero. More particularly, what makes a person with the power to Make A Difference actually put on the metaphorical cape and go out to fight the good fight. Let’s look at the … More Calling all Heroes.

Cosmic Questions

Almost a couple of months ago now, I promised to talk more about world-building and superheroes–how I arrived at the Post-Event setting Wearing the Cape takes place in. So let’s talk about comic-book history and choices. Where do superpowers come from? In the golden age of superhero comics, the answer was easy: anywhere. You could … More Cosmic Questions