Book Sale: Bring Friends!

Sale days are becoming a venerable tradition for, and for all of June 10th Wearing the Cape will be available to buyers for $.99! This makes Sunday a beautiful day to gift WtC to all of the friends you’ve been telling to read it.

Got a book club that shares e-book finds? Make them indebted to you for less than the price of a cup of coffee! Or just email everyone and let them know about the great deal–it won’t come round again. Probably not. Okay, maybe if I sell 100 books in one day…

On a more serious note, this is how it started last year when I tossed my creation into the e-book marketplace to sink or swim among the hundreds of other $.99 titles offered by fellow indie-authors. It’s really hard to believe that the e-book market we now see has been in existence for less than five years. For those who haven’t been following the saga of My Writing Career, I started writing WtC back in 2010 when I lost my job in our wonderful new economy. Then I spent half a year querying agents and publishers and receiving very nice rejection posts. Par for the course, of course, and I would have continued to diligently submit queries while working on Villains Inc., but, 1.) I was already a Kindle owner who had been downloading Baen-published ebooks for years, 2.) Someone who’s opinion I respected told me WtC was imminently publishable and I shouldn’t wait because the market was there, and 3.) I really needed the extra money.

So I figured, why not? I could publish through Amazon for $.99/copy, and if I was very lucky I might make an extra $200-$300/month. So I published WtC in April of last year and crossed my fingers. A few months later I raised the price to $2.99. Then to $3.99. Last Christmas I priced it and Villains Inc. at $4.99, found a very talented artist, and paid as much as I made in the first four months for their awesome current covers.

So thank you everyone. Thanks to all of you who enjoyed WtC and VI and told their friends, my monthly royalty checks have allowed me to pay off most of my debts and support myself with my writing and a very part-time job I keep only because it lets me pay my debts even faster. In today’s economy, when so many are completely unemployed or struggling, I have been hugely blessed. I have been told by veterans in the publishing industry that, in the space of a year, the income from my books has matched that of many mid-level authors–you know, the lucky guys with paperback copies of their babies sitting on bookstore shelves–and this without an agent or a publisher.

So, where from here? Bite Me is still in progress–again, hopefully with an end-of-July release date, but I want to make sure I nail it so if I hold it back a bit to give it the polish it deserves, I hope everyone will forgive me. Artemis has a lot of fans, and I want to do right by her. After that I’m doing WtC3 (no title yet), the continuing adventures of Astra; I hope to have that one done by Christmas. Beyond that, in 2013 I want to finally get back to Worst Contact–a science fiction novel that has been in my head for decades (characters based on my old Star Trek RPG group).

Whatever happens, this has all been an amazing adventure.

One thought on “Book Sale: Bring Friends!

  1. “nail it”, really?
    And I know what you have in common with Mitt and Donny, you’re a dark-haired male??
    I want to see Worst Contact. Captain M’Gan rides again

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