New Superhero Anthology

The Good FigntJust a quick note: The Good Fight, the first superhero anthology by the Pen and Cape Society (a co-op of self-publishing superhero authors, including yours truly), has just become available on for the low price of $0 dollars.

Omega Night was my contribution to the anthology (unfortunately too wrapped up in Small Town Heroes to write a new one), but if you love superhero stories–and why else would you be here–I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of these. As always, your mileage may vary, but there is some very fun work being done these days by writers who are in it for the love of the capes.

You can find it here. If you pick it up, give it a review!


About George

I am a reasonably successful self-published author ("successful" means I can pay the bills and am highly rated in my Amazon category), former financial advisor (writing is more fun), and have something in common with Mitt Romney and Donny Osmond. Guess.
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6 Responses to New Superhero Anthology

  1. Thank you! Looking forward to reading it.

  2. ArdRhi says:


  3. Marinex says:

    Picked it up and read all the stories. Now I’m hooked on Legion of Nothing. Time to shuffle my favorite superhero stories list again. WtC will still be at the top, of course.

  4. mooncatx says:

    Yay on the update! Downloaded and ready to read 😀 Is it late summer enough yet? Looks hopefully for a release date 😀 The RPG is looking awesome and I hope I can throw my hat in the ring for phase 2. I’ve done some rpg long long ago but nothing with the system you are using. I’m all for easy to generate characters!

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