Velveteen vs. The Multiverse

multiverseChristmas came early this year, with the realization that Seanan McGuire’s second Velveteen book, Velveteen vs. The Multiverse, was finally available on Kindle. I stopped what I was doing, bought it, and read it in two long sittings.

If you haven’t read the first book yet, Velveteen vs. The Junior Super-Patriots, or my review of it, go here. If you’ve read the first book, go here and grab the sequel.

What? Still here? Shame on you. I’m not going to give any spoilers, I’ll just say that VVTM more than fulfills the promise of VVTJSP. Seanan stuck the landing perfectly and with style, now go give her your money! I may, or may not talk more about it later. For now I’ll note that what I thought was a Kitchen Sink universe may well have been a Single Origin universe–you just don’t see it unless you squint. Clever, totally McGuire, and an awesome read.


3 thoughts on “Velveteen vs. The Multiverse

  1. I loved this series. I found the first one sometime last year and was so disappointed when I could immediately read the sequel on my kindle. But a little while ago I stumbled across the second book and I was in nerdvana. The only thing that could make it better in my opinion would be a third and maybe a fourth book. I could see ways they might go with them, but I don’t really think it’s a series that needs them either. It’s fun, confusing at times, and the corporate culture of superheroes just seems a lot like what would happen in our own reality should they appear. I think the series ended beautifully with just the two, but I wouldn’t cry if she decided to tack more on. Maybe answer some questions about the fairy tale aspects and their lands. See if Velveteen would ever truly go to Halloween. And what happens w/ her fairy tale friends.

  2. Interesting series to read. I read a sample of one of the novels. I will give it a try. It also surprises me that the illustrator of the cover resided in Woodstock, Illinois (northwest of Chicago). I have been to Woodstock many times.

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