Update: Team-Ups and Crossovers Released!


Just a quick update! The final stages went much more quickly than expected, and Team-Ups and Crossovers is now available for Kindle on Amazon!


As mentioned before, it will be available in paperback within a couple of weeks. Everyone have a great Halloween Weekend!


25 thoughts on “Update: Team-Ups and Crossovers Released!

  1. Thank you, I was really looking forward to this. I am a big fan of Wearing the Cape and Grrl Power.
    This is going to be great.

    Although my family is cursing you as I will be completely unresponsive this weekend as I will be reading.

  2. halo’s view point appears to have big empty chunks in it when read in the online kindle reader. (presumably other kindley things too?) i expect there is some missing artwork?

  3. honestly, at times it’s a bit of a jumble, even for a crossover collab (esp since the bulk of the prose is one author as I read it). I may not be as in tune w/ crossover conventions, so it may be a reader issue. Moments of brilliance, but overall…well, I’ll reread it and see. Still, it’s *very* nice to finally see more Astra fic, so yay^3 that! And I like the overall concept & plot arc quite a bit (which I won’t give away, spoilers bad!). Keep writing, I’ll keep buying! 🙂

  4. The big problem with that last story is that Its previously been established that teenage breaktrhoughs get sent to Hillwood Acadamy. So how did the girls in that one manage to avoid that? Also a Commanding Officer torlerating the crap they where pulling dosn’t realy seem to fit in Astra’s world.

    Other than that we had the prohlem that all the pogression here too place in the world that wheren’t crossovers. And honeslty the alternate versions of Astra’s world where the most interesting sections.

    1. Just as a note, Hillwood is not the automatic and only destination for breakthrough minors; in fact, it only served “half of the mid-western states”. Additionally, breakthroughs like Crash and Megaton, who could have gone there, never did.

      Typhoon possessed skills that made her invaluable for water-rescue operations, so it made more sense for her to take an arrangement similar to Crash’s; she could work emergency/rescue even if she couldn’t be a “crime-fighter” until she turned 18.

    2. As for “progression”, they live in a world of mecha, androids, flying cars, etc; most of that is in government/military hands of course, and limited because of the constraints on Verne-tech.

      1. i was talking about the narrative here, not technology. Most of the crossovers where just pointless fight sequences, which didn’t really advanced Astra’s story in any significant way. The only parts that did advance her story significantly where the alternate versions of her own reality. Honestly It would have worked better if there had been a realtiy traveling villain that she was chasing, or was chasing her from one world to the next. Having the whole thing being a plot by the Acendent to get rid of Astra for instance.

  5. available in paperback? SWEET!!!! now we need Atlas, Ajax, rest of the original team back story adventures. 🙂 character pics too.

    1. BF = Best Friend – a minor spoiler that Artemis will become a more significant character in the series rather than a one-off appearance.

      (I assume that’s what was meant, anyway)

  6. Wearing the Cape book 4 : Astra in Guantanamo Bay
    Wearing the Cape book 5 : Astra in Japan
    Wearing the Cape book 6 : Astra in other dimension.

    This is worrying trend, Hero ‘walking the Earth’ and go action-adventure travel on series that previously not done so is usually sign of exhaustion of good plot. While Wearing the Cape not reach that point yet, continued Astra travel farther every book is not good sign, Kitsune and Ozma plot, due to their otherworldly connection (Kami world/Oz) didn’t help. I hope next book would be back in Chicago, Wearing the Cape implication of superpower in modern society: legal, tech, and press always interesting, turning it into ‘Astra and friends travel in fantasy dimension’ would not be good read. .

  7. Enjoyed this a lot, especially the Grrlpower chapter – as that’s the only other one of the crossovers I’m familiar with. I might check out Velveteen as a result though, sounded fun. Interesting comparison of the team strength of Arc-SWAT versus the Sentinels, that hadn’t really occurred to me. And getting more Ozma backstory was enlightening and I really need to go read the Baum originals for context.

    One thing that grated on me a few times was the number of typos in the Kindle edition – Blindspot is named Blackout at least twice, Brian is mentioned in a scene where he isn’t and I think it should have said Mal, Santa Claus gained an ‘e’ on the end a couple of times (but not always), Variforce was spelled with an ‘e’ once and “author forward” should presumably be “author foreword” unless that was deliberate. Those are all that I picked up and remember anyway.

    Sorry if this sounds really nitpicky as I did enjoy the story (as witnessed by how I’ve already finished it in only a couple of days), but typos really jump out at me and it’d be great if these could be ironed out for future editions. Plus it seems to be a recurring thing for me with super hero books on Kindle (Confessions of a D-List Supervillain, I’m looking at you – another really good story but lacking somewhat in proofreading).

    Slightly sad to have finished it already really (although no complaints about the length), it’s gonna be a long wait for the next one!

    1. Thank you for the notes! Several typos have been spotted since publication and the ebook text will be fixed. I’m looking at Amazon’s policy for issuing “revisions” to readers. I found the specific typos you mentioned, couldn’t find the Brian/Mal reference.

      1. Great to hear, thanks!

        The Brian/Mal reference is just after Blindspot is introduced, and the guard looks at them: “His eyes never went to Brian and me for a second, not even a flicker”.

  8. Team Ups and crossovers is GREAT! all kinds of awesome little bits of something you missed the first time to go back and find, and that says nothing of the just insanely gorgeous perfect big parts. this whole thing is just plain good fun.

    but i i may, i geeked out just at an Astra/Halo crossover…. but i would adore an Astra/Cape High moment. and the sheer bright chaos inherent to the notion of a collaboration between Marion G Harmon, Dave Barrack, and RJ Ross… *headspodes*

  9. I question the relationship between character sizes shown on the cover – Sydney is a munchkin compared to the majority of the ArcSWAT crew, granted, but i really don’t think Astra should be taller than she is, as that art makes it look.

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