Far Too Many Harlequins and Deadpools.

So I got back Sunday from the Salt Lake Comic Con, where I shared an “author collective” booth with a bunch of very nice fellow writers. Most of them were also indie-publishers, but some were not. And of course I forgot to take pics. (Sigh.)

But this was my second convention this year; next year promises to be much more active, and I will remember to do things like let my readers know in advance (one fan was stunned to find me there). It was a good experience, and a nice data-point to contrast with Gen Con; SLCC had a much larger dealer floor, and lots more cosplayers.

I didn’t get to any of the panels, but that might be for the best; if I’d run into Milo Ventimiglia I’d have had to tell him I loved his role in Heroes but the show as a whole blew it big-time.

As to the cosplayers. There were some really good ones; my favorite was an amazing Groot (not pictured here).Salt Lake Comic Con.jpg

Personally, I love the idea of cosplay. One of these days I’m going to cosplay as Blackstone (the one Sentinel I can believably pull off). On the other hand, I’ve got to wonder what some cosplayers are thinking. Among others I spotted a couple of bearded Sailor Moons, a woman in lingerie and a Darth Vader helmet, and a man in white Speedos and a Batman mask.

Yeah. . .

But the most LOL, eye-catching and just plain fun costume I spotted?

I loved that movie!

So anyway, back home and writing hard.

Marion G. Harmon

3 thoughts on “Far Too Many Harlequins and Deadpools.

  1. First off, is that supposed to be the character from Fifth Element.. Dallas something or other?

    And secondly, Blackstone would be really cool. But I am not sure if you need to be the first person to cosplay one of your own characters or have to wait until someone else does but…. I am sure it matters!!

    And finally, ‘writing hard’ just made me picture you hand pecking the keyboard like you’re trying to break it or writing holes into your paper 🙂


  2. It is not Corbin Dallas, that was Bruce Willis, it is Ruby Rhod, that was played by Chris Tucker. This is one of the very few movies that I am able to watch over and over multiple times.

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