Fight For Justice!



Ignore the critics, and go see this movie.

Seriously, I just got back from watching it (well, with a detour for a burger at Red Robin’s). I know the critics are panning it–41% Tomato Rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But regular viewers who go see it are giving it an 84% Popcorn Rating, putting JL up there with Thor: Ragnarok for audience appreciation.

Is JL perfect? No, but it’s worlds better than BvS, Batman isn’t the Punisher in a bat-suit in this one, in fact I thought he was played perfectly. Of the other three superheroes introduced (and really, much of JL is a series of introduction stories), Flash and Cyborg were introduced, again, perfectly. Aquaman’s introduction. . . could have been better. Wonder Woman shines.

I did think JL‘s Big Bad was corny, but his battle with the Amazons was very cool.

I won’t go further than that, because spoilers.

But go see the show.

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Marion G. Harmon


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