Merry Christmas, and Updates.

Here we are again, at my favorite time of year.

In case you haven’t noticed, between the part the season played in Book 1 and my own stab at a Christmas Carol short story, I love Christmas. I hope you do to. Family traditions include watching just about every version of Dickens’ Christmas Carol there is (not every version–Jim Carey’s take on the story has been erased from my memory, and I’ve yet to re-watch Scrooged). And you can bet in my house the tree goes up at Advent and doesn’t come down until Epiphany. I love seeing all of the Christmas traditions practiced throughout the world. To paraphrase Dickens, I try and fill my heart with the spirit of Christmas, and keep it with me all year long. I’m not always successful, but I try.

So, merry Christmas! I hope, especially after the trials of the past couple of years (some of those trials still ongoing), everyone can have a wonderful holiday season. Whether or not you believe in and celebrate the birth of Emmanuel, God with us, I hope you find joy and comfort in the beauty and heart of the season, and share it with your friends and loved ones.

Marion G. Harmon

(Quick Update: Joyeuse Guard will be updated soon after Christmas, with a proper Table of Contents in the front and some fixes on spelling errors that got by us. If you’ve spotted a few errors in your reading, sorry! (And if you want to share the ones you caught with us, please do!) When the fix is complete, I’ll be posting a note alerting everyone. And then on to the new year!)


6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, and Updates.

  1. I haven’t read book 9 yet, but I can assure you you missed a lot of commas the way you had in book 7 and 8. Didn’t mark them, but they were many, worst are the ones that should be in the middle of a conditional sentence (beginning with if or when). Seriously, hire a copy editor, I love reading these books and that ruina it for me.
    If I had a dollar for every sentence with a missing comma, I could finally afford the cost of self-publishing.
    P.S.: Recursions sucked, it was a foul remix, entertaining, but ultimatly a downer, whY going back and repeat the whole ascendant crap? They got him after Team-ups, is lIke milking out dead cow – before the milk she had left goes bad, like you had no idea for new threats – or characters, why even bother with Alecia or Brian? They did nothibg amd brought no novelty, what little Alice did, could’ve been done by Ozma and her magic. I almost feel like givIng you a full review persoally.
    P.S.S: GoIng through Repercussions, when she divorced him, I couldn’t stop laughing, picturing – the final battle, all lost, no hope, unstopable doom in spite of Astra leveling-up (I hope ahe gets a full armor, please, give her a full Mandalorian-like caped armor with visored helmet and a spear with a mallet at an end next time, or something like Rescue’s, Iron Man wife) – Kitsune seeIng there’s no wining this one, then turning to his not-really-fellow Sentinels, sayng “My fellow Americans, I think we all where this is going – in moments like this, I think is important to say – eat —-, ———! I’m not American, peace out.”
    Then Artemis turns to Astra and is like “You had to divorce him before he made himself useful, didn’t you?”

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