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The Velveteen Hero

Where are they now? There’s another word for teen sidekicks. It’s child-soldiers. I stumbled across this gem on TV Tropes, followed the link to Amazon, and… well, go there to read my review. I’ll say this here; Seanan McGuire gets … Continue reading

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Captain America, Superpatriot.

In the run-up to this summer’s superhero blockbuster, The Avengers, I’ve decided to take some time and look at the core heroes of the much-anticipated movie. This is partly an exercise in meme-mining for my own uses, since I have … Continue reading

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News and Commentary

Two months into 2012, and a lot has been accomplished; first and most important, the Wearing the Cape trade paperback has been reformatted, re-edited, and re-released. The trade is now slightly bigger (6″x9″) to provide more surface for the awesome … Continue reading

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The New Cover Is Finished!

I am thrilled to unveil Wearing the Cape’s new cover-art, done by Viktoria Gavrilenko, an amazing new artist from Stockholm. You can read her profile here (http://viccolatte.deviantart.com); she has been refining her art for the past few years, and I … Continue reading

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Villainy Victorious?

It takes longer to write a novel than I thought. And you’d think I’d know better, having been through it once with Wearing the Cape. However, Hope fans will be happy to know that tonight both Villains Inc., Episode Four: … Continue reading

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