The New Cover Is Finished!

I am thrilled to unveil Wearing the Cape’s new cover-art, done by Viktoria Gavrilenko, an amazing new artist from Stockholm. You can read her profile here (; she has been refining her art for the past few years, and I am firmly convinced that she is going to go pro in a big way. Looking at this, can you disagree?

The new cover will be up on as soon as they can change it (it’s already up on the Look Inside function), and anyone who has already purchased the book for their Kindle, who wants to have the new and awesome cover for their book, can send an email to Kindle’s support site asking them to update the novel in their Kindle archives. Once the update is complete, they can reload it onto their Kindle (it looks amazing on the Kindle Fire, and not bad in e-ink).

I am also pleased to announce that Viktoria’s cover will appear on the new trade paperback edition that will be available through Createspace before the end of the month. Anyone who wants the beautifully covered book for their shelf should wait until they see the cover-art change on this page. And, lastly, Viktoria has agreed to do a cover for Villains Inc. as well, which will appear when the second book in the series makes its own trade paperback debut.


2 thoughts on “The New Cover Is Finished!

  1. Looks great! Congratulations that things are moving along! I’ve recommended your story on my FB page and to many of my friends. Good luck for future works!

  2. Awesome new cover. You got my attention with the simplicity of the original, but the new one should pull in new readers. I truly believe that a good cover sells a book although the words behind that cover will get you a fan for life. Can’t wait to see what the Villians Inc cover will look like lots of different looks to chose from.

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