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Assembling Avengers

Welcome to the finish of the longest “origin story” in history. It began with Iron Man, went through four more movies establishing characters, and has now concluded with an epic story that, in the highest superhero tradition, threatens the world … Continue reading

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Wonder Women, Part 2: From Damsels In Distress To Chicks With Guns.

Once upon a time, women in stories were pretty much there to be rescued. But in the 20th Century, woman went from being man’s “helpmeet” to being man’s partner (the details are still being discussed, but at least in our … Continue reading

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Wonder Women; Both Functional And Decorative.

Now that the hoped-for Wonder Woman TV series has died in production, I think this is a good moment to talk about superheroines (or, to be PC, female superheroes) and their treatment in comics and cartoons. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Brains are Beautiful

In keeping with Mark William’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun month, I’ve decided to put up the brainiest girl of them all, Agatha Heterodyne. . . . This is Agatha. . . . Agatha is the creation of Phil … Continue reading

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World Building 101: Start with a system.

Awhile ago someone asked me where I got my ideas for Wearing the Cape, and I had to think about it. Not that I didn’t know the answer, but it’s a bit of a story. Comics came first, of course, … Continue reading

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Wild Times

I’ve learned I’ll do anything to avoid writing. Like more research; after enjoying Power Down (see previous post) I pulled out some of my old comics, looking for the ones that I enjoyed the most. One short series–not so old–that … Continue reading

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Wearing the Cape becomes YWO bestseller!

Writing Wearing the Cape has been, to quote the great Bill and Ted, “a most excellent adventure.” The plot came together two years ago, scene drafts followed, and last year I threw myself into it with a goal of finishing … Continue reading

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