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Omega Nights and New Years.

Behold the cover. I’ve got to say that this was really fun. Apprentice writers are encouraged to start with short stories, but I have never been able to condense an idea down to less than 50,000 words. But the concept … Continue reading

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The Velveteen Hero

Where are they now? There’s another word for teen sidekicks. It’s child-soldiers. I stumbled across this gem on TV Tropes, followed the link to Amazon, and… well, go there to read my review. I’ll say this here; Seanan McGuire gets … Continue reading

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Wearing the Cape: The Beginning, Available Free!

As part of my ongoing campaign to get the Wearing the Cape series out to a wider audience, I have also made WtC:TB available on the Nook at Barnes and Noble and on Smashwords. It can be downloaded from Smashwords … Continue reading

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The Wardrobe Door

I have noticed that some of the best fantasy stories rely on an interesting device; they start out rather mundanely, in a mundane setting with a rather mundane though interesting protagonist. Then they move the protagonist–and the reader–into the fantastic … Continue reading

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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine…)

David Palmer sucks. Why? Because back in 1984 he came out of nowhere with Emergence, possibly the best First Novel ever, followed it with a second novel (Threshold, almost as good), then disappeared from the face of the earth. Well-meaning … Continue reading

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Adventures in the Commonwealth.

Silverlock is not so much a lost book as one that is constantly being rediscovered. John Meyers Meyers wrote it back in 1949, so this is a fantasy untouched by JRR Tolkien’s genre-redefining work. But it’s been touched by everything … Continue reading

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