Wearing the Cape: The Beginning, Available Free!

As part of my ongoing campaign to get the Wearing the Cape series out to a wider audience, I have also made WtC:TB available on the Nook at Barnes and Noble and on Smashwords. It can be downloaded from Smashwords in just about any electronic format imaginable, for FREE, to read on the Kindle, Nook, or whatever e-reader you prefer.

I would do the same for the Amazon and Barnes and Noble editions if I could, but they won’t let me charge less than $.99. The best news is that the Smashwords versions are not copy-protected–I want people to copy it and post it to all their friends. For anyone who wants to help me make WtC:TB more visible on these sites, I encourage you to post a review and rating on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords (you can always duplicate your Wearing the Cape review if you have previously done one).

And everyone have a great Thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “Wearing the Cape: The Beginning, Available Free!

  1. George…currently half way through “Bite Me”…enjoying it…..I will get on with writing rave reviews on Amazon, et.al soon. Have a great holiday season.

    David Balderson

  2. You can publish an ebook at B&N for free by going through Smashwords. At that point Amazon will usually price match.

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