Omega Nights and New Years.

WtC_Omega_NightBehold the cover.

I’ve got to say that this was really fun. Apprentice writers are encouraged to start with short stories, but I have never been able to condense an idea down to less than 50,000 words. But the concept for Omega Night, now available on Amazon, came as a flashback to a hundred Superman comics. It was fun, and even contains a little scene important to setting up Young Sentinels. I thought of saving it and shoehorning it into the next book, but it really didn’t fit, so here it is. Enjoy.

Speaking of Young Sentinels, it is coming along. I’m taking my time and trying to do justice to the characters and situations; one problem with success is expectations–you do good once, twice, and people expect you to do it again! (Your own expectations get pretty high, too.) Since nobody who liked Wearing the Cape has written in to tell me that Villains Inc. stank on ice (quite the contrary, its Amazon-rating is higher), I don’t want to let everyone down with book three.

On the other hand, I want to expand Hope’s world, even experiment a little. Bite Me was part of this–showing part of the world outside the charmed circle of superhero-celebrities–and in Young Sentinels I’m introducing multiple POVs (point-of-views). At least two, possibly three, so readers won’t be seeing the world only through Hope’s eyes this time. But for sure Young Sentinels will continue to advance the overarching themes and storylines advanced in the first two books and continue Hope’s growth as a superhero.

2013 Goals/Projects.

I really want to do at least two books this year: Young Sentinels plus, maybe, Worst Contact. Two to three books a year is pretty good for most professional writers, and if I can maintain that output it’s a full-time career for me. 2012 was a good year for my current titles, leading me to tentatively conclude that, yes, there is a future for me in indie-publishing.

Beyond the two book-projects, I have two other irons in the fire. First, I am in early talks with an artist for a series of ink drawings for Wearing the Cape. If talks are fruitful, I want to publish a hardback deluxe edition with ten to twelve really cool illustrations of favorite characters and scenes. I’m not changing the cover, though–Victoria’s excellent cover-art cannot be surpassed.

The second project is kind of a return to my roots. Back in high school I was an avid fantasy roleplaying gamer (Dungeons and Dragons, etc) who segued into superhero roleplaying back when the only major game-engine was Champions. Being a rebel, I went with GURPS Supers. So now, as the post-Event world gets more and more detailed, I would like to put together a Role-Playing Game sourcebook for fans into superhero roleplaying. I considered the current incarnation of GURPS Supers, but Steve Jackson Games keeps a tight lock on its game-engine, so I’m looking at Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds. This may take longer than a year since it’s secondary to my writing, and may require outside expertise, but I really like the idea of Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game.

Thank You.

So thank you, everyone who has come along for the ride so far. I writer doesn’t write in a vacuum, and the feedback I have gotten from many of you has gotten me this far. I see many more Wearing the Cape stories in the future, and hope that my other scribblings will be as well received. Happy New Year, and may your 2013 be as exciting as mine looks to be!



23 thoughts on “Omega Nights and New Years.

      1. I failed. But I’m the second reviewer! I really liked it, and eagerly await Young Sentinals, and hopefully Astra as leader! (I remain firm in my belief that Astra is The Chosen One 😉

        I had a couple of stylistic comments in my review, but on the whole, I thought it was really well constructed, and had a very nice impact emotionally.

  1. I just downloaded a copy of ON and will probably read it tomorrow. Nice to have a little ‘Hope’ to get me by until the next book is ready. 😉

    I’m also very interested in hearing more about your RPG venture whenever there is news. I’m a fan of M&M myself so I would love to see your world ported into that system. Good luck!

  2. Is Bite Me going to be available on Nook soon?

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    1. Unfortunately not; Bite Me is part of the Amazon Prime program, which means it can’t be sold electronically in any other format. It’s status may change this year, but I’m not certain when. So now it’s Kindle or paperback, sorry.

  3. George….went to bed, expecting to read a few pages adn then go to sleep. I finished it before I could put it down! It was a wild ride and I obviously enjoyed it and gave it a top rating. As michael said above, it was nice being with Hope again. Now, about that kiss…….

  4. Hi Marion, we are new to your blog by way of mutual blogging friend “Writer Unboxed.” It was a good find for both but especially my daughter, who is an avid comic book junkie, who loves superheroes of any kind. She will be checking out your books pronto, and we look forward to reading more of your posts in the future and will be sharing your link with our networking friends. Best of luck!

  5. Thank you so much for your works. Read both of Astra’s books in three days. Greatness. You are also an inspiration. I’m writing a book as well and it is in the final editing stages. Your books got me out of a rut and I thank you for that.

  6. Finished “Wearing the Cape” and “Bite Me”, started on “Villains, Inc” tonight. Had this idea last night and sketched it up this evening at work. I kinda like the whole evil opposites thing.

    Really enjoying these books.
    Keep it up.

      1. Thanks. I’m going to try to work up some of the Sentinels characters as I get a better mental picture.
        Really enjoying these books.
        World-building is a favorite thing, for me and I always appreciate a world well built.

      2. Glad you’re enjoying them. I’m writing Young Sentinels as fast as I can (Omega Night was sort of an apology to my readers for taking so long). Feel free to drop some Amazon reviews; they help the books’ rankings and visibility.

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