Thoughts and Happenings

The days march on and Bite Me continues to come together; I’m still fairly confident of a June-July release date. Meanwhile, interesting things have been happening with Villains Inc. The other night, for a brief shining moment, it hit #1 in its category. No, I don’t obsessively track my Amazon rankings. Why do you ask? … More Thoughts and Happenings

Villainy Victorious?

It takes longer to write a novel than I thought. And you’d think I’d know better, having been through it once with Wearing the Cape. However, Hope fans will be happy to know that tonight both Villains Inc., Episode Four: Endgame and Wearing the Cape: Villains Inc. have been posted to Approval and publishing … More Villainy Victorious?

Adventures in Writing

With the end of September, Wearing the Cape is now into its sixth month of publication. Villains Inc. Episode One has finished its first month, and Villains Inc. Episode Two is now available as scheduled (whew!). How is it going so far? It’s a learning experience. First, I’m learning the strength of book series and … More Adventures in Writing