Thoughts and Happenings

The days march on and Bite Me continues to come together; I’m still fairly confident of a June-July release date. Meanwhile, interesting things have been happening with Villains Inc. The other night, for a brief shining moment, it hit #1 in its category.

No, I don’t obsessively track my Amazon rankings. Why do you ask?

In addition, while Amazon reviews have been slow, a few bloggers out there are reviewing it now; the one who’s review most brightened my day was David Marshall on his Thinking About Books blog. David Marshall is a former publisher who still works as an editor and column writer; his book and even movie reviews are the often caustic reviews of an Englishman who has seen the book industry evolve, and who reads almost everything (seems to prefer science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror). You can find a list of his reads on, and his review of Villains Inc. here.

Happy reader reviews are always welcome, but when an industry professional writes this: “Whereas there were distinct signs that Wearing the Cape was his first-published book, it’s equally distinct that Villains Inc is a more assured authorial performance.” well I just feel all warm and fuzzy. I recommend Thinking About Books to anyone interested in modern sci-fi/fantasy–and not just because he thinks I’m authorial (i.e., something resembling an author).

The last happening this week is actually a realization that comes from Mr. Marshall. Never one to miss the opportunity to get advice, when I thanked him for his review I asked his opinion on how I could best seek a publisher at this point. His answer was that I should be careful; at my sales numbers and royalty rate, I am already making as much or more than many Big 6-published midlist authors. I have heard of other self-published writers who were noticed by publishing houses and offered contracts, and always thought I’d jump at the chance if it was offered to me. Now I’m not so sure.

That’s it for now; just had to cheer about this milestone for VI. With all the self-published books being put out there through Amazon, it’s good to know that WtC and VI, while not burning their way to the Amazon Top 100, are doing more than well.


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