Bite Me–now coming to a Kindle near you!

I thought it would be easy…

Two years ago, if anybody told me that I would be writing a vampire story, I’d have laughed hysterically. Not that I don’t like vampires–one of my favorite TV characters is Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s just that vampires have been done, and redone, and overdone until there is not much new to say with them. I tossed Artemis into Wearing the Cape on a whim; she filled the dark vigilante trope and made a nice character-foil for Astra. That she turned into kind of an older sister for Hope was a surprise–that she became many reader’s favorite or second-favorite character was an even bigger one.

So, for the record, Bite Me is not a vampire book. It’s an Artemis book, and Artemis just happens to be an Undead Fiend of The Night. And it has been a real pain in the neck. It took longer to write than Villains Inc., and there were days when I wondered if I could get it done at all.

Why? I’m glad you asked. To put it simply, Jacky isn’t Hope. Learning all about a new city was nothing compared to the frustration of finding Jacky’s voice, of getting inside the head of a perpetually pissed-off vampire. I won’t go into deep character analyses, just say that some days I was as pissed as Jacky.

But it’s finished. Look for it on Kindle this weekend.

And it was fun, in the way that a thrill-ride that makes you almost lose your lunch is fun. Or maybe running a marathon. Now comes the next fun part: biting my nails while waiting to hear from Artemis’ fans.

Word of warning: to everyone who forgot about Jacky’s reference to her New Orleans trip, Bite Me takes place between Wearing the Cape and Villains Inc–it is #2, chronologically.

So, contest time again. For the month of October, everyone who posts a review of Bite Me: Big Easy Nights on Amazon will have their name put into the hat (please post me here with your email addresses). At the end of the month I will draw two names and send the winners signed copies of the Createspace paperback edition.

Meanwhile, I’m going to put my head down and try and finish my third Astra book (tentatively titled Young Sentinels), by the end of the year. I had set a goal of two new books for 2012, so no promises but I’m going to do my level best; updates will be forthcoming.

PS: the awesome cover was created by Michelle Monique, who I was lucky enough to find through Check out her other stuff here.

24 thoughts on “Bite Me–now coming to a Kindle near you!

  1. Cover looks great looking forward to reading another one of your books. Curious to see your take on Artemis dealing with vampires. I am curious on your choice of the main title “Bite Me”. It is the full title of a YA vampire novel out there “Bite Me by Parker Blue”. It will be interesting to see how the story drives the title.

  2. Just checked out the link to Michelle Monique, she is an impressive artist. I hope she makes a youtube video chronicling the making of your cover. Watching the ones she made for her other work was awesome.

    1. I really hope to have Viktoria Gavrilenko back in the future for the Astra titles, but she is currently back in art studies and not taking commissions.

      1. Ah! Well, good luck to her! Her covers are a huge draw – though the cover to Bite Me is gorgeous as well. And it’s always nice to have consistency.

    1. I’m sorry to say it’s going to take a little while. I’m making Bite Me available to Amazon Prime members as a free borrow for the rest of the year, and that requires an exclusive ebook publication through Amazon. However, the paperback will be ready quickly.

      1. Paperback ? What is that ? 🙂 I can wait for the Nook release as long as I know it’s coming. Thanks!

  3. Also, love that one of your favorite characters is Spike – he’s the reason I watched Buffy! 🙂

    Will you put a link in this post or a new one when it finally drops over the weekend? I want to get started reading!

    1. I guarantee it will be out by Sunday–in fact it may appear on Amazon tomorrow, we’ll see. And yeah, of the two Good Vampires on BtVS, I always preferred Spike’s “What the hell.” attitude to Angel’s angsty act.

  4. I’m with Ian as a fellow Spike fan, he’s pretty much THE reason to watch Buffy and Angel. I always liked how he mocked Angel’s brooding.

    I did also want to throw in my vote for a nook (or drm free epub/pdf) version, I really can’t wait to read this, but…I am lacking a kindle.

    1. I hear you. Unfortunately, in order to make Bite Me available for borrowing by Amazon Prime members, I have to distribute the ebook exclusively through Amazon on a quarterly contract. This means it will not become available for the Nook until January.

      Sucks, I know.

      However, if you have a PC you can download the Kindle-reader software for free (takes about 2 minutes) and read it on your desktop or laptop. I also hope to have the dead-tree edition available by the end of next week.

      I agree with you on Spike/Angel. Ironically, when you learn their histories (Angel originally being a wild party-animal blowing his way through his inheritance, and Spike being a soulful poet-type) they seem to be the exact opposite of what you’d expect. Perhaps Spike was really suppressed as a human.

      1. Well, to go a bit Buffy nerd, remember that vampires are not the people they were. They are demons with all the memories and some of the values of their host. Sometimes those memories and patterns are strong enough that for example Spike can change his demon- but until they regain their soul, they are nothing but a demon.

  5. Query: what kind of music do you envision as a soundtrack to your books? Do you think of more orchestral superhero score types (and if so, Elfman, Williams, Zimmer, Newton Howard, or?) or more songs?

  6. Read “Bite Me”, loved it especially how almost all characters defy stereotype. Posted review on Amazon. Looking forward to “Young Sentinels”.

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