9 thoughts on “Bite Me: Big Easy Nights Now Available!

      1. Finished and reviewed! Now I can’t decide whether or not I want a new Hope book (which I really, really want) or another Jacky one…

        I was surprised when I found out after finishing that it’s between WtC and VI, but it did make sense of the fact that Jacky is still in her current state. That just makes my reread of both Hope books all the more pressing!

      2. Sorry about that. I’m correcting that now, with a note at the top of Amazon’s book description announcing the chronological order of the books.

  1. Just finished Bite Me — awesome! I loved Wearing the Cape and Villains, Inc and was really happy when I read that Artemis was going to get a book of her own. I’m even happier now that I’ve read that there will be (at least one) more in the series. Do you plan to return to following Astra as the main character or will we be seeing more of the other heroes? Either way I’m sold!
    Please keep up the great work!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it–I’ve been a bit worried that few readers would enjoy the switch from superheroes to vamps (one Bite Me reader reviewed it on Amazon.com just so he could complain about how much he hated vampire stories). I wouldn’t have minded, but his star-rating didn’t help.
      But fear not–the next book, Young Sentinels, is a Hope/Astra book. Although not entirely; I have decided to experiment with multiple POV characters for this one, so there will be alternating chapters–mostly Hope, but with one or two others. It will be interesting to see if it works…

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