Adventures In Self-Publishing

And adventures in advertising.

Announcement to all readers who bought Bite Me before Oct. 3rd. The uniform puzzlement of early readers as to when the story happens, and how Jacky came to be freelancing for the DSA in New Orleans, has caused this writer to take the painful step of adding it in.

It’s actually very embarrassing; an earlier draft contained a large info dump in chapter two that gave step-by-step details about how and when Jacky got from Chicago to the Big Easy. It read badly so I cut it out without replacing it, and all of my beta-readers (all of whom knew the background of the story) failed to catch it. This has left lots of readers scratching their heads, so I have taken the step of going back and dropping the explanation back in, a sentence here and a small paragraph there where it doesn’t change the flow of the story.

Note that none of this changes the story–but for those who have bought it but haven’t read it yet, or who read it but would like the revised copy, you can go to your account and follow the Contact Us buttons until you get to a screen that allows you to type in your request. Simply ask them to update the copy of Bite Me sitting in your account archives, wait patiently (it may take a couple of days), then reload it on your Kindle. If anyone has a problem doing this, let me know.

Again, apologies.

Marion G. Harmon

11 thoughts on “Adventures In Self-Publishing

    1. The corrected copy went up last night, so should be available now (at least I’ve seen the changes in the Look Inside function on the Amazon page). The delay in getting an original copy changed is simply in how long it takes Amazon’s customer service to respond to a request. If you haven’t bought it already, it’s safe to buy it now.

  1. The beauty of e-books and self publishing the ability to update your work. The dilemma for me is do I read the original un-updated copy or go for the update. I bought it as soon as it came out, but have not had a chance to read it yet.

    “Han Solo shot first”


    1. Then if you were planning on waiting for the weekend, I’d suggest you try the Amazon reset route; send the request, reload in a couple of days, and enjoy. A faster way to go might simply be to return the book for a refund, then buy it again…

  2. Terrific! I think I bought it the hour it became available, so I’ll be sure to ask for the update. Despite my confusion, I enjoyed the story immensely!

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