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It’s that special day again, for both the lover and the love-lorn, and so close to Mardi Gras, too. Let the good times roll! More seriously, I’m in final preparations for the Tucson Festival of Books (March 8th-10th), and trying not to let it distract me from writing.

With all of the books I’ve ordered and neat stuff I’ve designed for this event, I’ve decided it’s time for another Review Drawing for the rest of February. The rules are:

1.) If you have not previously reviewed one (or all) of my books on Amazon, you may enter once per review–so if you review both Wearing the Cape and Villains Inc. that’s two entries.

2.) Once you have posted to Amazon, re-post the review here with your Amazon name so I know it was you. Also, feel free to post the reviewed books’ Amazon pages to Facebook. Share the love!

3.) At the end of the month I will draw two names, and the winners will get their choice of one of my books, suitably autographed for the occasion. The 2012-13 editions have been reprinted to remove some editing errors found after publication, and are in a new and easier to read (I think) font.

4.) All other drawing entrants will get one of my shiny new advertizing pieces. They’ll also be available at the book festival. Anyone what has already reviewed all my books… I love you guys–send me an address and I’ll send you one of these too.

Meanwhile I press onward. It has been definitively confirmed that Victoria Gavrilenko, the amazing artist for Wearing the Cape and Villains Inc., is back for a third cover. Young Sentinels will bring on many changes in Hope’s world, and I am hard at work to get it out to my patiently (or not) waiting readers.


4 thoughts on “Share the Love!

  1. I’m a bit confused – are people who already submitted reviews eligible for this drawing?

    And I’m beyond excited to hear that Victoria is on board for Young Sentinels! I liked the cover for Bite Me, but the covers to WtC and VI were huge reasons I gave them a shot in the first place.

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