A “Super” Series.

Quite some time ago I reviewed another superhero story I discovered while doing research into the genre. The book was Power Down and I reviewed it here. I am pleased to announce that Ben White has now published the fourth book in the Charlotte Powers series: Rising Power.Charlotte Powers 4As you can tell from the cover, things get hotter for Charlotte.

What I have enjoyed the most about the Charlotte Powers series is that, unlike many superhero stories, it doesn’t try and deconstruct the superhero genre. It is not a classical superhero story, in that it takes place in a “future” setting that doesn’t even have the nations and cities we know, but its superhumans are still very much superheroes or supervillains, complete with costumes, codenames, secret bases, minions, etc., and the fate of the world rests on the outcome of their struggles.

The Charlotte Powers series doesn’t sugar-coat the conflict either; it does not present a saccharine version of Good vs. Evil, and doesn’t flinch from racking up the body count that real hero-on-villain action would precipitate. People die. Good people die badly. It remains, however, an optimistic story, and Charlotte, for all her flaws, is an optimistic hero. The story is a YA story only in the sense that Wearing the Cape is a YA story–Charlotte is a young adult (younger than Hope), and with Book 4 now out I re-recommend the series to anyone looking for a great, even inspiring, read.

7 thoughts on “A “Super” Series.

      1. There is no competition; every new well-received superhero story widens the base, increases the genre’s visibility, and attracts more readers.

      2. ‘Twas a joke, sir. I have no interest in competition. I’d still be doing underground MMA fights if I was!

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