Wearing the Cape Giveaway!

WtC, smallestOn Wednesday, April 10th, Wearing the Cape will be available for free download from Amazon.com. So if you enjoyed the book and would like to help promote it, post this on Facebook, tweet it, etc. I would love to give a thousand copies away!

On other news, I will be manning a table sponsored by Imagined Interprises Inc. (the publisher that will be printing new editions of my books next year) at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in June. This will be the first comicon in Vegas, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Progress continues on Young Sentinels. I know, I know, it is late. All I can say in my defense is I want it to be at least as good as the first two WtC books, and Astra and company are going through a lot of changes. The current word-count goal is roughly 120,000 (I’m not sure I can get everything in with less). Hopefully fans will enjoy the direction the story takes with Astra’s world.

On a more personal note, I’d like to thank everyone who has not only enjoyed my stories but has taken the time here to share their enjoyment and their thoughts with me. Writing is by nature a lonely occupation, and it’s easy to feel like you’re in a bubble. It’s always heartening to hear from the world outside–another reason I decided to do tabling events like the Tucson Festival of Books and The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

Thank You!


4 thoughts on “Wearing the Cape Giveaway!

  1. Please consider publishing this series in other places in addition to Amazon. I use a Kobo e-reader and would love to be able to buy your books from their store – or Diesel, or Smashwords, or pretty much any ebook store that doesn’t lock me into using a proprietary format on a specific line of devices.

    If you were selling DVDs, you wouldn’t sell them only through one retail chain, would you? So why do that with your ebooks?

    1. WtC is currently published only on Amazon because of my KDP Select contract. However, this will likely change next year as WtC and my other books are published by Imagined Interprises Inc.

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