Young Sentinels is finished! Now what?

Young Sentinels Cover FinalWait for it, wait for it… Just kidding. A couple of hours ago I posted Wearing the Cape: Young Sentinels onto through KDP. It always takes at least half a day for them to process a new or updated book, but it should be available to everyone who has been patiently waiting sometime on Monday. Again I apologize for the delay (no excuses, just stuff I hadn’t considered), and I’m sure that I can say that nobody is happier than me to see it up there.

I hope that everybody enjoys reading Young Sentinels as much as I enjoyed writing it — and as always, I encourage lots of Amazon reviews. Preferably as soon as you finish the epilogue.

And now, what is next? Well, no promises, but I’ve got a couple of projects in the fire. The one I can talk about is WtC 4: Girl’s Night. Yes, the idea for Astra’s next adventure came to me while I was deep in Young Sentinels’ final draft. I want to say it will be out by the end of the year, but after how long YS took let’s just say I’m making no promises. I will say that it’s an Astra/Artemis/Galatea adventure that takes place in Japan.

Blackstone suggested a working vacation.


Update: as of now Amazon has made Young Sentinels available (that was quick). Here is the link.

35 thoughts on “Young Sentinels is finished! Now what?

  1. I’ll be checking amazon every few minutes until it shows up. Seriously, I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Just finished over lunch. Amazing! I’m so excited for all the things going on in Hope’s life – you managed to satisfy my desires for Hope’s role and surprise me as well. So many great new characters, as well!

    1. Also want to add that I loved the shout-out to the cover of Wearing the Cape – such a lovely image, and I’m glad it’s made its way into the verbal world of WtC as well. Young Sentinels is perhaps my favorite cover yet – though that first cover is a thing of beauty.

  3. Been tied up at work but I finally was able to geet onto Amazon and buy a copy. Think my boss would mind if I started reading right now? 😉

    I also agree with Ian, “Girls Night Out” sounds like a great idea. It will be good to see Hope and Artimis back together.

  4. Hmm, Astra seems to be dealing with a villian rather similer to the one that Charlot Powers is facing. Seeing as your blog post directed my attention to the Charlotte Powers books in the first place I really couldn’t help notice the similarity. But then I guess super villians only have a limited set of goals they could follow so this agenda had to come up eventually.

    1. To be honest, I have read only the first couple of Charlotte Powers books — mainly because Ben is such a creative author that I’ve avoided finishing the series for fear of cross-contamination (or self-conscious efforts to avoid it). So I have his whole set on my Kindle, but don’t want to hear any spoilers. : )

      1. No worries.I’m looking forward to the next book in both his series and Yours. Astra is an extremely likeable protagonist, And I just like the rest of your readers can hardly wait for the next adventure.

  5. I am very disappointed in your lack of attention to detail.

    “With all the footage of our “arrival” in Chicago to fight the Green Man, the Sentinels’ PR guys had as much chance of keeping us under wraps for a full, publicized introduction as they did of keeping Rush’s tabloid-selling sexcapades out of the news (my favorite was his bet with the Chicago Bears cheerleaders).”

    The Bears don’t HAVE cheerleaders. Virginia McCaskey thinks they’re sexist. As a Bears fan, I am well aware of this.

    Seriously tho, I’m enjoying the hell out of this one. Well worth the wait. Thanks!

  6. Awesome. I picked up your series last month and read all the way through Omega Night in a week. I’ve actually been struggling to write my own novel, but after seeing what you’ve managed to do with your series I found myself quite inspired. I look forward to your continuing works.

  7. Word of warning;

    I didn’t see the link here for a couple of days and I’ve been doing searches in amazon for “Young Sentinels”. For some reason, the search function displays quite a few results that are not the book, including the old “Space Sentinels” series that’s as old as I am, but not the book.

    1. True, if you run your search for all categories. Limit the Amazon search to the Kindle store and it’s at the top of the list. (Probably old news to people on this site, but there it is.)

  8. I’m not really looking for an apology. I bought the first two books for $5 then I find the third hiked to $8. For a book that doesn’t even top 300 pages.

    1. If you don’t think it’s worth $8, that’s definitely your free judgment to make. However, it’s kinda rude to sarcastically comment on the author’s webpage about it.

      1. Actually, I half-agree with Ian. Commenting on the price is one thing, but Patrick’s comment was a bit on the blunt side.

    2. Sorry, but isn’t this comment backwards?

      I believe something between 8 and 10 bucks to be the usual and reasonable price for a novel from an established author, from what I’ve seen.

      I would think that selling the first ones for half that value, in order to introduce the setting to new readers amounts to a nice discount, not the other way around.

      1. For someone without a publisher $8 is on the pricey end. As for the cheap staring price, he does that…kinda. He has a SMALL part of book one available for $1.

  9. A few continwity errors seem to have crept in. Mostly about the book of contingent prophacy. Astra seems to have fogotten that Jacky knows about it, she had the vampire related files in Bite Me. And that Blackstone knew about it before, not after Villians inc, Astra authorised Shelly to release data from it about possible members of Villians inc. Ditto for Orb and Dr Cornelious, though they only know it exists but not what it is.

    1. Good note. Actually, when Hope talks about her, Shelly, and Blackstone becoming a secret society of three she is referring to the fact that they are the three with full knowledge of and access to the Future Files. But rereading it I can say it’s vague enough that it sounds like she might be saying that they are the only ones who know about them. I may have to tweak a sentence or two to correct this.

  10. Alrighty, I have a question! When will this and the Artemis stand alone make it over to the Nook? I really want to read both, but I don’t have a kindle…

    1. I don’t have a timetable on that yet. The sad truth is that the Nook is pretty dead as a sales platform. But it will happen. Meanwhile, there are the paperback editions. And in a pinch the Kindle reader software is available for download and use on PCs as well as any Ipad or Android-compatible device.

      1. I can respect that, after all, you’ve got to survive as an author. Will Amazon let you do them DRM free perhaps? Then I could buy on Amazon and read on my Nook.

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