Small Town Heroes

PosterNow one of the most popular Sentinels in Chicago, past scandals notwithstanding, Astra is the team leader of the Young Sentinels, the newly formed junior team. But on their first big solo-outing away from Chicago, the Young Sentinels fall into a new scandal, one which could cost them the team. And Astra has a dream visit from Kitsune, the odd shapeshifter-thief who precipitated the battle between the Sentinels and Villains Inc. the year before. The dream warns of a fresh disaster, in a town Astra has never seen before and that may not actually exist.
Astra’s efforts to find the place from her dream leads to her “recruitment” by the shadowy Department of Superhuman Affairs, as she leaves the team behind in Chicago and learns more about the DSA’s secrets than are good for her, faces old enemies, and discovers a little town called Littleton.

Back Cover Blurb

I am happy to announce that the official release date for Small Town Heroes will be September 30th! The awesome cover for my fifth book is brought to you by the combined efforts of Jamal Campbell (figures) and Jessica Cheng (background), both up-and-coming artists.

The Kindle release should be available on the 30th; the paperback release will take a couple of more weeks. Once both are available I get to turn my efforts to the project that has increasingly focused my obsessions this past year–Wearing the Cape: the Roleplaying Game–as well as a writing project or two I had to move to the back-burner. The great news with the gamebook is that both Jamal and Jessica have agreed to work with me on the rest of the gamebook art. I am seriously considering a Kickstarter campaign so that I can pass them more money than my current budget allows, and I certainly hope that I can have them with me on future book covers.

So set your calendars for the 30th; I look forward to what everyone has to say, here and on Amazon.


32 thoughts on “Small Town Heroes

    1. When you’re as strong as Ajax/Astra, leverage isn’t the problem; the problem is a handle strong enough to take the force applied over its whole length.

      1. This just came up in a novel I read. Main Character acquired super strength. and tried to use it to pick up a car, and ended up ripping the doors off instead.

  1. eeeee!!! I want it I want it I want it 😀 😀 😀 Fabulous artwork. Yes to Kickstarter, I will definately donate if you set one up. So much awesomeness today, I’m so happy 😀 😀 😀

  2. i’ve been waiting for this book and will purchase it asap. i’m particularly keen to see how the young sentinels shake down and how they interact with the older team. as a longtime gm, i’m at least as anxious to get my hands on the rpg. since fate is my system of choice. i’m delighted to see that you plan to use it. are you working with evil hat on it or going it alone?

    1. I have Evil Hat’s blessing, but am going it alone since their publication pipeline is full to overflowing. Which leaves me with a number of options: I may simply release it first as an adobe ebook, with a quality POD paper edition provided by Createspace. Or I may go for a Kickstarter campaign so I can afford more art and a print-run of nice hardback rulebooks. Lots of possibilities.

  3. I’ll be picking up a print copy when it is out (as I have done with all the others in the series).

    I wonder, however, when “Bite Me” and “Young Sentinels” along with STH will be available for my Nook?

    1. Unfortunately, not any time soon. The problem is that in order for these books to qualify for KDP Select, they cannot be sold electronically in any other format. I know that this cuts some readers out, but it’s something I have to do for my sales. Sorry.

      1. Actually, you should be able to download and use the kindle app from the play store on your nook. Just download the kindle app, sign in with your amazon login and it should download any books you have purchased and you can read them on your Nook. You’ll need to make sure your Nook OS is up to date to have access to the google play store, but once you do, it should work.

  4. Bought it and left a review on Amazon.

    I’ve enjoyed the series and I’m looking forward to the next books.

    My only negative comment is that I think the cover is “harsh” compared to the previous books.

    Anyway, thanks for the enjoyment.

    Mr. Harmon, I don’t have a bloody Kindle!
    Are these ever going to be released on paper?

    1. 1.) You can use the Kindle software download to read the ebook on any reader or PC. 2.) All of the books are available in paperback through Amazon (Small Town Heroes will be available by the middle of next week, at the latest). 3.) I appreciate your enthusiasm. I suggest “liking” and following the Wearing The Cape facebook page; the announcement will appear there first.

  6. I may have noticed a typo. A certain gentleman named Brick is described as a B class Ajax type. I checked in Wearing the Cape, and there he’s described as mid A class.

  7. This was a great read. I’ll be putting up a GoodReads review shortly. I really like your new cover art, but have a couple of gripes. The maul looks less like a hammer, and more like a chunk of round stock on a handle, it needs shape. Astra looks, well, boyish. Her face is too strong, I think it’s a combination of that mask and the lighting used. That said, it’s great cover art, and I’d read a book by this cover. 😉 I really liked the whole story here, liked the drop-ins of Jacky/MC etc. Loved the bits about Ozma, without it feeling all about her, which Young Sentinels kind of did. I’ve really loved this series so far, Id say this is in my top 10 of books I’ve read this year, and that includes Lock In, Flight of the Silvers, Hollow World, Ancillary Justice/Sword and Harry August. Good company Mr. Harmon!

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