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I’m glad to say that readers have continued to bother me about this, asking what’s going on and when it will happen. I’m now pleased to announce that, while massively behind where I thought we’d be on this, we will presently be ready for Stage II in WtC:RPG’s developement.

I have no excuse for the delays, other than to plead that writing a set of game rules for playing in the Post-Event World, even one using a preexisting open-sourced set of rules (the Fate System), has meant climbing a much more difficult learning curve than I anticipate. This is not simply a vanity project, and I want Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game to impress even long-time gamers.

So what is Stage II?

I have previously had some dedicated Fate players taking a swing at the first, word-doc draft of the game to help me discover if anything is obviously broken. Stage II is to present a fully blocked draft of the game (minus much of the still-developing artwork) for a select and dedicated group of gamers who have never played a Fate-based roleplaying game. Why? WtC:RPG is designed for both long-time gamers and for newbies—reader of the book who have never played a tabletop RPG before, or who have previously played but with other systems like D20, Pathfinder, Champions, Mutants and Masterminds, and others.

Which means Stage II is the playtest for both playability and learnability. The rules must both work and be understandable by players with no previous experience. I think it’s ready to show everyone. But frankly, after all of the work that has gone into this, I’m terrified.

So, for everyone who has been patiently waiting, who can participate?

If you have a group of at least three willing victims, and the willingness to commit to not just read over the rules but test them hard and provide feedback on learning and play, you are welcome to join the effort to make the Post-Event World a playable reality. We have a google+ community page where test subjects—I mean playtesters—can talk to me and each other. All playtesters will get their names (and hero names) in the second-page credits in the game, and may have a strong influence on how this project is finished up and carried into the future.

Thank you all in advance.

On other news, Teamups and Crossovers is still an ongoing project slated for publication in the fall. It began as an opportunity to simply do some short stories involving other characters in the Post-Event World, but has evolved into a series of linked adventures interspersed with standalone pieces. One of the stories is co-written, another written by a never-before published writer, and a third written with permission—the story of Astra’s adventures in another superhero universe altogether. I never know until I’ve published, but I think that all Wearing the Cape fans are going to be thrilled.

So, lots more to come.

Marion G. Harmon


8 thoughts on “WTC:RPG, Stage II

  1. Hello, I only learned about the series a couple months ago but already read all of the books and I have to say that I enjoy them a lot. I’m just curious as to how someone could join the play test for the RPG as I would love to do it and I know that the people who introduced me to your series would also very much enjoy doing a play test.

  2. I just updated Google+ for the first time. I have a group of people starting a Silver Age Sentinels game TODAY. I need to get some sweet sweet playtesting done. I can’t find the group when I search for it on Google+. I have found you and your posts in Fate Core, but nothing specifically for WtC:RPG stage 2.

    1. The WtC:RPG playtest group page is invitation-only. Send your contact information via email through if your group would like to be a part of it.

  3. George: I hope the progress continues on your game. I enjoy Astra’s universe that you have established. I actually look forward to the writings compared to the games. The writing for me is delayed for a month because I am in the process of moving (to another house in the same city). But the writing resumes when I get settled in the new house in July.

  4. I would love to participate in testing, but unfortunately, I am currently swamped in games. I’ll have a total of 3 games come the Fall (if things go as planned) with me running 2 of them.

    How long are you projecting the playtest to last though? Because if things change I might be able to get something moving, or perhaps look towards something potentially next Fall when my games will open back up.

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