One day to go . . . Wait, what?


Did you know that, when you set up a book on Amazon for pre-order, you lock in a deadline beyond which you cannot make any changes to the ebook file until after launch?

I didn’t.

The lockout went into effect on Monday, which wasn’t a problem, because the last edits had been finished last week . . . Wait, there’s a problem?

So, bottom line, I didn’t hear back from one proofreader until yesterday. She’d volunteered to do one final fast-pass, and unbeknownst to both of us the window for edits had closed. I’m glad she did it, though, because she found a big OOPS. In a key climactic scene the names of two characters had gotten swapped somehow. Or rather, their rolls had been swapped earlier and not all of the spots where they’re named got fixed. The result was a major discontinuity in two of the last chapters.

So I reached out to Kindle Publishing Direct, and they confirmed there was no way for them to unlock the pre-ordered book link to swap in the corrected file. They recommended just uploading the corrected file tomorrow, when the book would be published and the lock would be gone. I could let everyone know about the correction, and they could go back on their account management page and download the corrected file.

The other option was to cancel the pre-order. Of course this would void everyone’s hold on the book. It would also ban me from using the pre-order option again with Amazon for one year.

I slept on it and then decided to cancel the pre-order. Why? Because a lot of people pre-ordered the book. They were going to get the notice from Amazon the instant it published, or just open their Kindle and find the book link ready for download. And it would contain the OOPS.

And chances are at least some of my readers would have then read the book before seeing any notice about the OOPS. I’m not sure how many first-reads it would have spoiled, but I decided it wasn’t worth it just to have the pre-order/publication go smooth. So I canceled the pre-order, then promptly resubmitted the book, going through all the steps again. In my experience, although Amazon says it can take up to 72 hours to process a submission, going from clicking the Publish icon to actual publication generally takes only 2 to 6 hours; worst-case scenario for me, it would have popped up as available overnight.

I got the best-case, so here it is, finally. Book 7 in the Wearing the Cape series, Recursion.

Sorry for the mess-up, and I hope you all enjoy it.

Marion G. Harmon


44 thoughts on “One day to go . . . Wait, what?

    1. Just ignore it. You would have only been charged when the pre-order was fulfilled for everyone, and now that won’t happen. So you need to re-order.

  1. That has happened to me. Got the wrong name in a situation. Anyway, congratulations on your seventh novel. I will look forward to reading it.

  2. Yeah, that was … unexpected. Seriously … Jim?
    Also, I hope someone had the decency to explain to Kaminari why all the deception. Might be too much to ask, of course.

  3. You gave me a terrible scare, Marion. With the end of Ex-Heroes and Please Don’t Tell My Parents, I was under the impression the series was suddenly cancelled.

  4. Thank you for coming up with a good solution. One thing you might raise with the people at Amazon is possibly allowing an author to include a link or text blurb in the email notice they send out about the cancellation. I think most will know to check here, but for readers unaware of your blog, it would be a quick way to redirect them to it as a source of more information.

  5. There’s still a fair few typos in the book. Though I don’t know whether the swap in name for Astra’s maul from Malleus to Malius was intentional, there’s others I am sure of. Do you want a list?

      1. Chapter 10:

        Dr. Pelagrini’s current location

        Chapter 18:

        His target being a mass-murdering breakthrough supremacist supervillain, so I
        couldn’t disagree with his ambition.

        the ‘so’ is out of place

        Chapter 23:

        “Since Kitsune got herself shot while looking the supervillain mastermind behind
        what’s been happening,”

        looking => looking for

        Chapter 27:

        “Warp!” I choked out through rising nausea. Focus focus where—boosted— “Shell, he’s boosted!”
        I remembered his attack, almost three years agot to Future-Me, and this was a lot wose.
        ==> worse, not wose.

        Chapter 31:

        warrenty -> warranty

        If Kitsune hadn’t been after him, if he’d carried the op through, he’d have succeeded and we
        might have taken the first steps towards a civil war. Or maybe …

      2. Oops, didn’t realize it would format that out. The last entry, angle brackets held the sentence “paragraph break, which should not be here”

      3. Noticed a few minor typos but, like normal, I never keep something yo hand to not them on. The only one that really sticks in my memory was an early one. Chapter two header, Temblor instead of Tremblor.

      4. Chapter 5
        If I wore it, would the press make a big dial about my changing measurements?
        dial => deal

      5. Sorry about the delay, I’ve had a lousy week. Leaving out typos others spotted & working backwards, I have

        Chapter Twenty Seven

        Therefor, we must
        Therefore, we must

        three years agot
        three years ago

        Chapter Twenty Eight

        into innert dust.
        into inert dust.

        Chapter Thirty One

        when all want is
        when all we want is


        seriel webcomic.)
        serial webcomic.)

        Young Sentenels
        Young Sentinels

        unrecognizably transformation himself
        unrecognizably transform himself

        the witch Momby.
        the witch Mombi.

        tweek them to make them
        tweak them to make them

        manifested an A Class Aeriokinetic-Type
        manifested an A Class Aerokinetic-Type

        One non-typo note: despite Bruce Willis’s movie, breaking up an asteroid before it hits Earth doesn’t help a great deal. You wouldn’t get the sort of single impact that might trigger a supervolcano but you do get everything else, explosions, firestorms, debris in the air like a volcanic eruption. It’s the same amount of mass and kinetic energy incoming after all and much of it will be around the same time/location. And if you break it up with nukes you also get to deal with radioactive debris.

        Despite that quibble

      6. Chapter Twenty

        “Tremblor, the terrakinetic
        “Temblor, the terrakinetic

        Chapter Twenty Two

        Malius is used instead of Malleus repeatedly in this chapter.

        Chapter Twenty Four

        reported airborn risk
        reported airborne risk

        Also, early in the chapter the poison is identified as cyanide, later as arsenic. The former seems more likely.

        Chapter Twenty Five

        virtual-tactil finger
        virtual-tactile finger

        Despite that quibble (the asteroid) this is another really good book. Thumbs up.

      7. Chapter Sixteen

        SS kidnapped, Poles,
        SS kidnapped Poles,

        Chapter Nineteen

        Ms. Free is reputably
        Ms. Free is reputedly

        After grabbing Malius,
        After grabbling Malleus,
        (assuming that the old name is right)

        I’ll finish my list tomorrow.

      8. Thank you for these. Some, but not all, have been caught by others. I’m going to have to start formally crowd-sourcing my editing.

      9. Chapter Two

        he turned in air
        he turned in the air

        Chapter Four

        already hate of me
        already hate me

        Chapter Five

        costume rout
        costume route

        Chapter Six

        can potentiually do
        can potentially do

        Chapter Seven

        Temporal superimposition?
        Temporal superposition?

        Chapter Ten

        usual zones or employment
        usual zones of employment

        That’s me finished now.

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much. Every book has typos. I think the Hunger Games has about 2000. Most fans don’t worry about them too much and those that do are sometimes wrong. I panic over them myself sometimes, though, I admit.

  6. George, A courageous move, and much appreciated. Can’t wait to start reading once my work day has finished. I’m sure it will be just as good as your previous novels.
    Thanks again,

  7. Having slept on it, I would say my favorite exchange is between H and J & S.
    “Do you love him?”
    “I don’t know! I won him in a game of truth or dare!”

  8. Just tried to buy the book, twice. Amazon reports there is a problem processing your order, call or try again later, so something is screwy. Tried once from the website and once from my kindle. Also, book did not show up on the Marion G harmon page, had to search for it by name.

    1. Ok, just tried again and it worked. But, the book still doesn’t appear on the Marion G Harmon page, you have to search for it by name, not listed with the other WTC books.

      1. It’s showing on your author page now. (Still listed as Marion Harmon (With the name a NOT hyper link). Unlike the rest which show as Marion G Harmon, hyperlinked)

        But not part of the book series.

  9. I applaud your decision. One other thing you might want to be aware of is that the book in the link you posted is listed as by Marion Harmon, and when I did a search on Marion G. Harmon, which is how all the others in the series are listed, all of the others came up and Recursion did not.

  10. Really enjoyed the book I’m glad you managed to sort out that error in the chapters so there would be no confusion just for curiosities sake who’s names were switched?

  11. Just finished Recursion and while I’ll never be a fan of Kitsune over Atlas or Seven, I will say it was a great book and I appreciated all the continuity nods.

  12. A good read and fun.

    You have a character position problem in ch. 29

    “Eric—Gantry, left back of hall.”
    “Grendel, left middle.”
    “If-Man, right middle.”
    “Ozma? Are you ready?”
    “Grendel and I are in the Pit with Vulcan and Ambrosius. Good luck.”

  13. Well, it certainly passed the its 1am and I don’t want to put this down test, at least for me. I’d rate it as definatly better than the last two installments,

  14. So, no preorders on the next book, assuming it is ready within a year? A small price to pay, I think. I have read it, and I loved the cameos from your supporter’s characters!

  15. Coolest WTC since Ronin Games but the worst editing job I’ve ever seen: confused Brian and Brandon at least twice, used “both” to refer to a sentence containing three characters, and many times it’s difficult to figure out which character is speaking.
    Downloaded on the. (The nineteenth, before the preorder download Date.)

  16. Thank you for the explanation. I think you made the right call. It was good customer service for your fans. I am going to go order and download it now 🙂

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