Update Available! Also, Time Talk and Spoiler-Alert.



Update Available


First the interesting news.

So this hasn’t been the smoothest book launch I’ve experienced. . . Everyone’s up on the drama that led me to tank the pre-orders and release the book a day ahead of schedule, but it’s turned out there are other errors that didn’t get caught by the last editing round. None were so egregious as the one that caused me to drop the pre-orders to fix it, but still. Fortunately, a bunch of readers were happy to point them out! (And now I’m seriously considering formally crowd-sourcing my editing on the next book.)

So the good news is that after a final final editing round, the ebook was re-uploaded to Amazon and KDP was alerted to the changes. I checked this morning, and, per my request, they’ve set it so that if you go to your Amazon and click on your Content and Devices under your Account and Lists drop-down bar, you will find the above Update Available button on your Recursion purchase.

Click on it, confirm your choice, and you’re good to go.

And now, let’s talk about time.

Before launching Recursion, I promised everyone that it wasn’t a ret-con (retroactive continuity change) or alternate-history story. I hope I delivered to everyone’s satisfaction, but one thing I did drop from the book was the lengthy reason why Shell was absolutely convinced that Hope hadn’t time-traveled and wasn’t in her own past. I referred to the immutability of history and left it at that. So I thought I’d drop the explanation here. This is considered The Way Things Work by post-Event scientists (and is a direct excerpt from the soon-to-be-finished sourcebook for the RPG).

Past Tense, Future Imperfect

Breakthrough powers opened space, although we have yet to do more than establish a foothold on the closest island beyond our own in its infinitely vast ocean. That alone changes everything, but breakthroughs have gone much further than into space. For one thing, in a handful of cases breakthrough powers have enabled time-travel. TIME TRAVEL. Oh, the horror, the horror. . . Wait, it’s not so bad. Nobody has started rewriting history, in fact it can’t be done. And nobody has come back from the future to tell us that we’re Doomed, nothing we can do about it but enjoy ourselves and leave the future to the Morlocks, the Machine Overlords, or whatever.

You can’t break history, and the future isn’t set. Again, it’s not like the comics. This is because, whatever breakthrough power is used to travel, the nature of time appears to be the same for all travelers. It’s divided into the Past, Present, and Future, each of these being territories with different properties.

Time’s Moving Arrow

The easiest way to think about time is as an arrow, represented by a point, launched along a vector, represented by a line, at the moment of the Big Bang. From the moment of “launch”, the speeding point of that arrow (traveling at 1 second per second, of course) is the present, defined as the moment where the sequential possibilities of the universe become actualities. Ahead of time’s arrow are only sequences of possible events. The wake of the arrow is the sequence of decided actualities running back to the beginning. We live in, and our consciousness is ordinarily limited to, that moving possibility-to-actuality convergence point. Let’s call that point P.

P minus x: The Past

What does this mean for time traveling breakthroughs? For starters, for visitors to the past, it means that nothing new can happen in P – x. It’s a fully realized actuality. You can’t go back and murder your own grandfather to commit suicide so thoroughly that you were never born to go back and murder your poor innocent grandfather before he and grandma conceived your dad. Read that sentence again. He wasn’t murdered, so he won’t be murdered, even by you. You can’t change the past. What stops you? That’s up to the GM; it could be hilarious or lethal coincidence, or you could just get popped back to the present the instant you commit to a course that would change history if you carried it through. Because history is fixed, if you go back in time then you are limited to actions that don’t change P. This can be done through a Situation Aspect (or even Campaign Aspect) like You’re History. Literally. The GM can simply point to Aspect Denial whenever you knowingly, or even unknowingly, attempt to do something that will change history and rewrite the present. Alternatively, he can compel the Aspect if it will get your PC in serious trouble.

Which doesn’t mean that you can’t interact with P – x. You could, for example, go back with a backpack full of synthetic diamonds, convert the diamonds to cash, and use the cash to buy carefully picked shares of preferred stocks. Set up a trust to curate those investments for you, and then return to the present and collect your earnings. Go buy an island.

Anything you do in the past was part of the past before you were born. Ironically, this means you could be your own grandpa. Actually, could is the wrong word; you either are or you aren’t, there is never a time where you weren’t but then you were. This means that all actions time travelers take in the past are, in a weird way, fated. Try not to think about it too much. The good news from all of this is that, knowing that time travel is possible, you never need to wonder if you’ve been retconned, or someday might get written out of existence, by a time traveler going back to change things. It. Can’t. Be. Done.

P plus x: The Future

So what about the future, the P plus x point ahead of the moving arrow, the territory full of unactualized possibilities? Well there you can do anything. Anything, that is, except visit the same possible future twice. Why? Because P + x isn’t real in the same way as P and P – x are. P + x depends on the conditions of P. When you visit P + x (really visiting just one of the infinite array of potential Ps, usually the most likely one), and bring back knowledge of what might happen in that unactualized country, or bring back future-tech or whatever, you change P. Change P and you change P + x; any visit to P + x, that you return from, automatically retcons P + x. It’s not going to happen now, whether the new potential future is only different in a trivial way or in every way. This doesn’t make the knowledge or stuff you brought back to P disappear, since it is now actualized, a part of P.

Breakthroughs and P

The concrete inviolability of the past, and the transience of the future, still leaves time traveling breakthroughs with a lot of play. If you can go back, then simple tricks like going back and putting a gun in a location you know you’re going to need it to be later, work just fine. If you need to get somewhere fast and undetected, travel back or ahead far enough that whomever is looking for you in the present isn’t looking yet or anymore, make your trip, and then return to the present. And of course, as the Teatime Anarchist demonstrated, future tech and future knowledge is power. One last limit on temporal hi-jinxes is that your personal P is synced to the universe’s P; if you spend an hour in the future or past, an hour will also pass in the present—you can’t be gone a year and come back to the second that you left. Which still leaves many possibilities. See Ami Hasikawa (p. XX-p. XX) for an example.

Psychics and the Duplicate Solution

Researchers are now fairly certain that the existence of P – x and P + x is the basis for psychic powers like precognition (the ability to “see” the future) and psychometry (the ability to read the history of objects). The transient nature of P + x may also explain the power some breakthroughs possess to duplicate themselves; they are pulling future-selves from some number of potential futures into P with them. These “temporal copies” would be from only fractions of a second into the future. Of course it’s possible that some breakthrough duplicators work this way, while others don’t. In any case, until a Verne-Type develops a time-barrier that blocks travel to and from P + x, it’s only speculation.



So there you have it; the rationale behind the first Wearing the Cape story. And now moving on (like we have a choice, we’re always moving on), I thought I’d throw this offer up here:


Anybody who wants to reply to this post with questions about the ebook update, or about P, P – x, and P + x, feel free. But also, lets make this the post for discussing anything related to Recursion. Your favorite scenes. Confusing scenes. Stuff you thought worked, stuff you thought didn’t. Ideas launching from the story. Praise, criticism, whatever.

But if you do, start your reply with a capitalized SPOILER ALERT. That way anyone looking for non-spoiler topics can avoid your reply until they’ve read the book.

Looking forward to it.

Marion G. Harmon




71 thoughts on “Update Available! Also, Time Talk and Spoiler-Alert.

  1. Once I vibed to what was going on, I approached it as less a time-travel story and more of a “What-If?” type tale. In that context, it worked for me quite nicely.

  2. SPOILER ALERT I took you at your word so I accepted this as “not a time travel story”. Having that possibility taken off the table it really ramped up The Who/what dunit aspect.
    I loved the way this story showcased Hope’s growth, her exceptional leadership. It shows her ability to step up and take charge without thinking about it. Loved that. What better way to showcase all that then have her relive a time she already did. Her maturity becomes so obvious. I love her relationship with the fox. So much that can go wrong. I wonder if the government will downgrade her security clearance. After all being married to a known spy of a foreign government would probably raise a few red flags with trumpets.
    Since I have no gamer friends, the game Has little intest to me but I think you are getting ideas from the game play. So that’s grand. As I’ve stated before. You cannot write these fast enough to suit me. Thank You.


      I’m with Hope on one thing. I’d love to see what the US Government files have on her new husband. It might be interesting reading and it might be even more interesting if he gives her pillow talk on what the US Government has correct about him and what the US Government has wrong about him. (Note, you can be sure that this tricky-fox has seen that file.) 😀


    Not getting the update button. (No. This isn’t the spoiler!)

    As to all the time travel wackiness.

    Simply waggle “OMEGA LEVEL” around and you’ve pretty much covered your No Prize.
    At that point, you may as well say “God wills it so!” and it’s all good.

  4. Can I ask what was changed in a general sense? I read the book already and if it’s just some wording edits then I’ll reread it later.

    I missed the whole reboot discussion, but I didn’t think that was it. Thank you for the stories.

  5. I guessed the cause during the sample chapters…and discarded my guess because other than “it COULD happen this way” (the only thing I could think of that could), I could not reason why it WOULD have been involved. And it was. O.o This never happens to me, so it blindsided me more effectively than if it had been something else, ironically!

    (Mind you, I guessed the cause of the recursion, but other than that I learned information with the characters, and let me just say that one reveal had my jaw on the *floor*.)

  6. I’m ashamed to say that I kind of twigged to the basic idea of what was going on about 80% thru the book, but then managed to interpret this idea in exactly the wrongest way possible…
    No more detail than that because it’s both spoilerish and (hey it was late at night) moronic.

  7. This seems to be a funny definition of “can’t change the past”. If you go back with a backpack full of synthetic diamonds and sell them, that totally changes the past, because now the past has diamonds in it that it didn’t have before. This changes the present as well: you now have a bank account that you didn’t have before time traveling.

    What seems to be actually happening is: if you try to change the past in a way that would change the present in a way you would have noticed, then it’s a paradox and you can’t do it. But if you try to change the past in a way that would not change the present in any way you’d notice, then it works fine because you were “fated” to do that thing and in fact you always had done that thing.

    Anyway thanks for the book — it was good!

    1. No worries, and you’ve almost got it. The bank account would always have been there, you just didn’t know it. The synthetic diamonds were always part of P-x from the moment that they arrived in, say 1920. There was never a P-x after 1920 that they weren’t part of. Which means that their appearance in 1920 meant that your own future actions in bringing them were always “locked in.” And yes, this means that, in a very weird way, time-travelers who visit the past operate under a special rule of “predestination.” They will do it because they did it.

  8. I always wondered how TA managed to spike Shelly’s drink in the past. I mean on the surface it does look like him changing things. But now we can say that this always happened.

    Of course this brings up a problem in terms of the most likely future. The moment the present moved past TA spiking Shelly’s drink the act became inevitable. This seems to make the Ashland bombing also became inevitable. Which makes Astra inevitable, but TA said she didn’t exist in the future he first visited.

    Or we have to find some other possible reason for TA to give Shelly, a teenager he had never met, the future files.

    1. You are absolutely correct about the problem of Inevitability. It’s not a paradox, but it is a past effect that has a future cause. And once the effect (the spiked drink) happens, that locks in the future causes leading up to it (Hope’s breakthrough, etc.). They have to happen so that it happens. The problem of Inevitability is a serious headache-inducer, but if the past is accessible to time-travel at all then you either have paradox (and ret-conning) or Inevitability baked in. You must have one or the other.


    Was that ‘Astra has fans, a small portion of which are crazy with crazy theories’ a jab at us?
    (Yeah man…she was 16 1/2 at THE EVENT and hasn’t aged a day since because her healing power is Effed. She’s really 30.)*

    I’m surprised you didn’t name them ‘Astra-nuts’.

    *(Which makes me picture, 30 years or so in the future, some hero who has screwed up spectacularly but non-fatally, being told “The old lady wants you in her office” and when he gets there…it’s Astra….still looking 16 1/2.)

    1. Well, there’s support for your idea in some of the earlier books.

      IE Hope may have “grown mentally” but physically she’s still the age she was when her break-through happened. 😉

  10. Does this mean that once a Time Traveler (TT) goes back to the past, the entire interval between the point he left from and the point he arrived at becomes inevitable? Because in that case, another TT from later on traveling to the original TT’s recent past would extend the inevitability repeat ad infinitum. This means that predestination is fact and free-will a fiction in the universe because there will always be one more TT traveling back.
    Obviously the above is wrong, but why?

    1. You’re almost there, but not looking at it quite right: P is the moving fixed point. Everything in P – x determines what happens in P (it’s causal). If someone from P takes actions in P – x, he isn’t extending inevitability at all. Everything from P – x (where x is the past year he visits) to P – x (where x is the second before he departs the present to go back) is already fixed. It happened, and no decision he makes in P can change it.

      Yes this seems to mandate predestination, but causally it works. (And you can make an argument that free will and predestination aren’t mutually exclusive concepts, anyway.) But for purposes of the story, it’s like quantum mechanics and the observation of sub-atomic particles; they act like both particles and waves, two very contradictory states, at the same time. For purposes of Real Life, it’s precisely this dilemma that convinces me that time travel just isn’t possible; it breaks the universe.

      1. Let me explain my problem with this further. The gal with the cloud home was brought back by the TT and tells Hope that the made it through the bad years by the skin of their teeth, however it is assumed that changes have been made that mean that the future she came from no longer exists and that this time they might fail. Then where did she come from if she will never exist as the person she is now? Effectively, she has “killed her grandfather” simply by being in the present.

      2. Ah. Well, the Warden of the West comes from P + x, the future. Except that to call it The Future is misleading, since in this model of time “the future” isn’t yet actualized. Instead it’s indeterminate, the way the state of sub-atomic particles can be until they’re observed. It’s the Schrodinger’s Cat model of the future; P + x is an unopened box until P catches up to it at a rate of one second/second, converting P + x into P. A time-traveler cheats by “jumping ahead” but what he’s done is jump into the most probable P + x.

        So the Warden of the West didn’t come from the future, she came from what was, at the moment the Teatime Anarchist jumped forward, the most likely future. The most likely potential future, but really only one of an infinite number of possibilities. Once he brought her back to P, where events become “fixed,” her reality remained fixed even though the potential future she came back from can now never be actualized.

        Your confusion is coming from a category mistake: you’re operating like P – x, P, and P + x, are fundamentally the same. That the only difference between yesterday, this moment, and tomorrow is the point from which you’re looking at it.

        But in the model used, P, the present unfolding moment, is categorically different. There is only one P, not one P from each person’s perspective.

  11. I read the book three times before I checked Amazon for a revision. First time for shear enjoyment; second time to catch all those moments that might have escaped notice first time through; last time for enjoyment again. It’s triggering a re-read binge, all nine stories, and yes, I count Bite Me and Omega Night in that list.

      1. Still binge-reading the other eight stories, or I would have an appropriate comment. It’s Your Fault I bought all of Seanan’s Velveteen stories, too. Even the audiobooks. Indirectly, you’re responsible for my acquisition of Mia Archer’s “Villains Don’t” trilogy. Superhero fiction, of course.

        I know you mentioned wanting a comic version of WTC, and I’ve asked this before, but when are you going to get audiobooks? I’d prefer Blackstone/Downpour to Audible (ease of download), but either would do.

      2. Good to know I’m a detrimental influence. I can’t say anything about the audiobooks, because at this point I just don’t know. MAYBE we’ll see a test audiobook of WtC this year.

  12. So my preorder wasn’t cancelled, I didn’t know anything had happened until I checked here.I’ve just checked and there is no update available button under the book. Would this be because I ordered through Amazon Australia? Is there some part of the book I can check to see if I have the updated version or not?

    1. See if you can “return” the order (I think you have seven days?). If you can then do that, then wait a day before purchasing it again. If you can’t then let me know and I’ll try and find a line to check.

      1. I can’t see any option to return it (though as it was a preorder delivered on time, I have had it since the 20th). I

      2. Okay, in Chapter Four (location 522), look for this paragraph:

        “Besides not being freaked? It’s what Blackstone said—people who already hate me are just going to use this as one more thing.” I’d made this worse, with everything else. Blackstone hadn’t tried to soften it, and I appreciated that, and it sucked.

        If you have the unchanged file, it says “already hate of me”, if you have the changed file it says “already hate me”.

      3. I can’t reply to your other comment so I’ll reply here. It seems I have the old one, I remembered reading that (and confirmed just now that it was in there). This seems to be an Amazon issue though. I’m forced through.au (because that’s where I live), and it seems that the cancellation didn’t happen there, so I got the original book – which of course means I haven’t the book that has been updated.

        It’s something you may want to check with Amazon to see how widespread it is. It seems clear to me they are at fault here.

      4. Have you updated books before? I’d suggest getting customer service on the line to make sure you’re walking through it correctly and, if so, getting them to do a manual reset. Worse case scenario, I imagine they could issue you a refund, cancel your “ownership” of the book, and then you could repurchase it. The repurchase would be the updated file (I hope).

  13. Sorry to say, but I just don’t like reading from a screen. Any idea when the dead-trees version will be available?

  14. There’s something counterintuitive about updating.
    I ‘remove from device’ and then download but still “hate of me’ on
    my Asus mini tablet, Motorola phone and 1st generation iPad.
    It’s Amazon.
    In a week I’ll try again.

    1. Just removing your file and then downloading it again won’t update you; Amazon maintains all files in your personal Amazon library, and that’s the file that needs to be updated. I’m putting up a post about the process today.

  15. I picked up my copy a couple or so days after the intended release date, having seen that my pre-order was cancelled. I automatically got the updated copy, as far as I can tell.

    One thing about the book: the way that the ending is written, with Hope and Yoshi having their wind-down time together, I found myself suspecting that this is the last book in the series. I hope not, but I do wonder. Any comments on that please, George?

    1. I do mention this in a previous post, but here it is again because I think it’s clever:

      “The series does not end at this time.”


      “I’m just saying it now. That last sentence seemed kind of ominous.”

      “Oh. Okay, then. Carry on.”

      “Thank you.”

      (I couldn’t resist referencing The Princess Bride.)

      I do recommend you check the text (or look for the update button) just to be sure.

  16. Loved it! Love Astra and Kitsunie….can’t wait for more stories. I will have to check out the RPG! And a huge Thank you for the glossary….I dont have the best of memory, so that helped me a lot.


    I really loved the book. I’ll have to reread it to get all my thoughts and observations in order, so here are two nuggets to start with:

    1. I’ve been wondering for years if my native Finland was ever going to be mentioned, and now, it was! Of course, you put us through a second civil war, but oh well. 😛
    Though I do wonder how bad the Finnish superhuman law was that it caused fighting. Generally, Finns trust their government a hell of a lot more than say, Americans do.

    2. A practising Catholic gets married to a Kami in a ceremony officiated by a Chinese goddess? From now on, my headcanon is that Father Nolan froze for just a second in a comical fashion when he heard the news. 😀

    1. Hope is still trying to work out how she feels about the situation. A situational proposal, a situational marriage…if Kitsune can interpret ‘serve her house’ as accept an annulment he would. She has met her obligation…there was no mention of how long the marriage had to last.

      1. Ah, “when a goddess marries you, you’re really married”. 😉

        Seriously, at the end of the book it is obvious to me that Hope has “no second thoughts” about her marriage.

        Mind you, I’d love to see how Hope’s mom took the news but I suspect she’ll be planning a major society wedding for Hope. 😀

    2. The Finnish Civil War was actually the creation of another Finn, the Kickstarter backer who’s character, Kukkuu, is mentioned. The war is part of her back story, obviously, and there will be a lot more information on it in the sourcebook.

  18. Were there ever to be a Live Action adaptation of the books I’d like to see Shell have fun with her appearances with Hope. Sudden Jump Cut appearances to startle her, Fade-In when she’s being more serious, Horizontal and Vertical Wipes (She did that with the Tux and bunny ears), Dress Up (She did Star Trek cosplay in ‘Ronin Games’) etc.
    I’d like to see…
    An Analog TV video effect (Like R2D2’s projection of Princess Leia)
    A Fade In with Shell playing a long rising note on a violin (then vanishing it)
    Same again but with a Lyre (Harp music like when angels appear.)
    Knocking on a door then walking through it. (Don’t see that one happening.)

    1. Oops…..
      I forgot Slide Whistle and Glockenspiel.
      In one of the late 40s Superman serials Lex Luthor had Teleporter Coins.
      The sound effect was a Steel Guitar sliding note.

  19. Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert

    At the end of Recursion in the conversation between Astra/Hope & Director Kayle, she mentions that Megaton and Crash didn’t go on the mission because they’d “be sitting things out in school”.

    However, there’s no mention of Variforce and Watchman. While they exist in that “time”, they also wouldn’t have been Sentinels at that time so wouldn’t be involved in the action in Chicago.

    Were they also holding the fort in Chicago during the Recursion mission?

    1. That makes sense…with the time discrepancy the main team would be unavailable for weeks. Months? The night shift and Guardians and members from from other cities would have to pick up the slack.
      Hey…Does this mean Eric was out of prison at the time?
      Astra the Astronaut…..away from Chicago for another month after they return.
      Maybe the tabloids will finally lose interest with her away so much.

      1. Well, as for Eric. I suspect that the version in the Recursion mission was a None Player Character. IE He wasn’t part of the group who visited the realm of the god-fish. 😉

  20. Wouldn’t it be a goofy turn of events if the actress who portrays Astra on the TV show was busting her ass in the gym for next season’s costume change and…
    Became a b class Ajax?

      1. I may just use that. I can totally see Shell going “So she’s you now but taller and prettier. She still can’t fly.”

      2. Mr. Author: I would be honored if you were to include any of my crazy proposals in future stories.
        GJ: Not *all* her stunts.
        Wire work and Green Screen still needed for the flying.
        She’d have to join the Stunt-person association. (A suitable job for Ajaxes)
        The ‘Being thrown through a wall’ and ‘Tearing open an automobile’ advantage may not offset the hassle of having a Super on the set all the time.
        Then there’s the insurance.
        Then there’s the Personal Life Repercussions. (Re: Quinn’s Ex-Boyfriend)
        If she gets fired for suddenly becoming Super….LAWSUIT!!!
        She was going to age-out of her Astra gig in a year or three anyway.

    1. Dr. Beth (or his West Coast counterpart) can easily tell an Atlas from an Ajax with an eyechart. If they don’t see UV or IR or printed in USA copyright 2005 then not an Atlas. Ajax is nothing to sneeze at but no flying for you.

  21. Jayessell, I’m not sure flying counts as a stunt. Chris Reeve did all the green screen/wire work in Superman way back when, even though he had a stunt man for the rough and tumble. I’m not sure the insurance for actors is significantly different from supers, if the super isn’t *actually* being a cape.
    You’re right about aging – unless that’s a peculiarity of her breakthrough. Do *all* A class Atlas types stop aging? Atlas himself didn’t still look like a teenager, did he? And if she did continue to age, maybe there’d be an opening on the Sentinels… or the Hollywood Knights.

      1. No. That’s why I was puzzled.
        A: It might be Hope’s decade ago or so chemotherapy and her Breakthroughs’s resultant Enhanced Healing Ability that makes her ageless. It’s rebooting her to ‘last known good state’ every day.
        B: If the as yet unnamed actress did become an Ajax the Hollywood Knights would take her on whether she left the show or not. It would make sense to live there.
        C: I’ve updated my Gravitar. See ‘color bessel’ over at YouTube.
        D: If the Astraverse has an SNL equivalent (Weekend Comedy Theater) they’d have a 14 year-old actress do Astra. Joke is on them…she’s aging IN!

  22. In book 6 Shell had a spare Galatea in the launch bay.
    She should have spares in CA, NY, Japan, etc.
    It would be like teleportation!

  23. Spoiler Alert !!!!!
    When Shell was thinking that someone grabbed 3 years-in-the-future’ Hope’s memories
    and stuffed them into present day Hope’s head…
    Doesn’t that imply there’s no 4 years-in-the-future Hope?


    Near the end of Recursion, where the Boss fight is going down and Shell and Hope are saying their goodbyes….
    Wasn’t that a death sentence for Future Girl Astra??
    Her future is busted. She can’t return to a timeline that isn’t there.
    The British SF TV series Red Dwarf (the episode with a pool table) called it a redundant timeline in which they evaporated.
    As a butt kicking Hero Astra can take it, secure in the knowledge her younger self will do alright.
    To me it sounds like suicide but she’s acting like it’s a job that needs doing regardless of cost.
    (Maybe someone will say something to the effect of ‘Brass Ovaries’)
    What is the WtC version of ‘Muggle’? (Too bad it can’t be ‘Muggle’!)
    As a Muggle I guess it’s something I couldn’t understand.

    1. Remember the theory of time-travel in the WtC universe; Hope had faith that, whatever was going on, she couldn’t actually change her own past and erase her own timeline. So she believed that when she’d accomplished whatever she was there to do she would simply go back where she belonged, whatever that meant.

  24. So I’m in maybe the tenth reread of Recursion, and Chapter 26 now contains a glaring omission. Knowing that The Word had cured her of PTSD and will remodel her bone structure again, why wasn’t Eric one of the ones to go to Northwestern Memorial Hospital? Why didn’t Shell attempt to take over radio and television (and cable) and broadcast the Word?

    I used to listen to WLS Chicago when I lived in Guantanamo Bay as a naval dependent. That station had *reach*.

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