Update to the Update!

Update Available

First piece of news; the paperback edition is now available on Amazon! Yay!

But the main purpose of this update is a follow-up on the last one. By the responses, several readers are having a hard time getting the updated ebook from Amazon. For me, personally, I went a few years without realizing this was available and how to do it. So here’s a quick walk-through.

1) Make sure you’re logged into your Amazon.com account and find this drop-down menu. Click on YOUR CONTENT AND DEVICES.


2) You should then see a listing of all of your purchased ebooks. Look down the list to Recursion. You should see a button to click on. Click on it.

Update Available

Amazon will ask you to confirm. Do it.

It’s really as simple as that. However, apparently Amazon hasn’t been entirely consistent in how the update has been applied. One reader wrote that Amazon automatically updated the file in his library and on his device. If Amazon did this to you, then you will not see the Update Available button. Once you’ve manually updated, the button goes away when you refresh the screen.

To make things more confusing, a reader in Australia (which has its own “Amazon zone”) hasn’t seen the option appear at all. So, if you’re not clear about whether or not you now have the updated ebook on your device, do this:

Go to Chapter Four (location 522), and look for this paragraph:

“Besides not being freaked? It’s what Blackstone said—people who already hate me are just going to use this as one more thing.” I’d made this worse, with everything else. Blackstone hadn’t tried to soften it, and I appreciated that, and it sucked.

This is one of the dozen paragraphs edited in the update. If you have the un-updated file, it reads “already hate of me”, if you have the updated file it reads “already hate me”.

Anyway, sorry for the mess.

Marion G. Harmon


18 thoughts on “Update to the Update!

  1. I’ve been having issues with Amazon’s updates. I click the Update Available, confirm the update, but the Update Available button remains. I can’t tell if it updated or not. I’ll check with Recursion, since you gave us an example, but Amazon’s updates seem poorly implemented, unfortunately.

    1. As an update, I just tried this again. I downloaded Recursion to my iPad, and checked. It was the old version. I went to the Content and Devices page and updated. It updated the iPad version, however “Update Available” remains visible on that page until I refresh the page. So my confusion before was because it doesn’t auto-matically refresh the page to get rid of the “Update Available” button.

  2. Updated already!

    Location number doesn’t QUITE correspond. But the Kindle format is goofy like that.

  3. I tried from Amazon.com. It gives me the message “Your default Kindle Store is currently set to Amazon.com.au. Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon.com.au.” and only lists books bought on Amazon com (up to around 2014, when I switched to au). The au store does not list an update available for Recursion (I did have a couple for other books).

    I presume I’ll have to contact Amazon au to fix, presumably by deleting and redelivery of the book? The book they have for sale has a date of the 18th, would that be correct?

    By the way, the book was an enjoyable read, as always. One thing I have been meaning to ask for a while. Have you determined what caused “the event” and will that eventually be dealt with?

    1. Yeah, looks like you’ll need to contact them directly for a fix. Sorry about that.
      Yes, I know what the Event was. No, it will never be dealt with. At least never in an authoritative “this is it” way.

      1. I “sort of” feel sorry for Dr Pelligrini.

        He’s a would be “king of the gods” who can increase the powers of a break-through and temporarily block the powers of a break-through but is unable to directly create break-throughs.

        I suspect he could just imagine how powerful (politically and otherwise) he’d be if he was the only person who could reliable create break-throughs. 😉

    2. Somewhere in the Astraverse there’s a guy who stuck a knife in a toaster trying to remove a stuck bagel the instant of THE EVENT and believes it’s somehow his falult. He never uses that toaster again and dares not throw it away. He decides to take it to The Sentinels so THEY can either destroy it or store it with other dangerous artifacts. Because of Astra’s LAoWS it ends up buried on The Moon.

      1. Post hoc ergo propter hoc is a logical fallacy that states “Since event Y followed event X, event Y must have been caused by event X.” It is often shortened simply to post hoc fallacy.

      2. T.E.: People are like that how?
        Hey, I’ll admit to once plugging in the George Foreman Grill when I meant to plug in the waffle maker. They were next to each other and both had black cords.
        The toaster guy pulled the plug (not an idiot) BUT he might have unplugged the can opener.
        He was in the process of being electrocuted but THE EVENT saved his life.
        How could he NOT assign magical powers to his toaster?

  4. Got the new version by removing and then downloading again; the update available button didn’t appear. (I did update one of my other books though, thanks. )
    Still mixes up Brian and Brandon in at least one spot, near 2340. But at least some of the other egregious stuff is gone.
    Can you fix the remainder before book goes to print?

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