A Box Full of Dreams

So today marks a new milestone for the Wearing the Cape series. I’ve been sitting on this news until it happened, but Wearing the Cape is now available as part of a 10-book collection of superhero stories! Check it out, here. Each is by a different author, some of the best Book One stories in the expanding superhero genre.

It’s got:

Serpent’s Sacrifice, by Trish Heinrich (4.5/5 Amazon Stars).
Morning Sun, by Jeremy Flagg (4/5 Amazon Stars).
Action Figures, by Michael Bailey (4.4/5 Amazon Stars).
Supervillain High, by Gerhard Gehrke (4/5 Amazon Stars).
Origin, by David Neth (4/5 Amazon Stars).
Sidekick, by Christopher Valin (4.7/5 Amazon Stars).
The Kota, by Sunshine Somerville (4.6/5 Amazon Stars).
Super, by Karen Diem (4/5 Amazon Stars).
Wearing the Cape, by me (Amazon Stars irrelevant, it’s just the best).
Hero Status, by Kristen Brand (4.5/5 Amazon Stars).

If you’ve only read Wearing the Cape or even a handful of these, this is a great way to expose yourself to some great new talent in the genre (and I won’t say which one’s my favorite, but would love to hear your opinion here). If you’ve plowed through all or most of these, the collection is still a great way to spread the addiction by letting everyone else know they can get 10 superhero adventures, all first books in their series, for $2.99.

And I have to say, this is fantastic; when I published Wearing the Cape back in 2011, there wasn’t even a superhero fiction category on Amazon; now it’s hard to keep up with all the new talent. So spread the word; superheroes rock, and with this collection the first taste of the flavorings mixed by ten superhero authors is practically free.

Marion G. Harmon


10 thoughts on “A Box Full of Dreams

  1. First!
    (Sorry… that was uncalled for.)

    So… when can we expect the national media to take notice of this niche category?
    It shoehorns between fantasy and science fiction.
    How long did it take Harry Potter to be noticed?
    Does Oprah still have a book club?

  2. Looks like an interesting set. If I didn’t already own Wearing the Cape (original and corrected), I’d probably get it. But one of the books, “The Kota” drew my attention, since I’m a fan of Kevin Hayman’s comics, including “Kota’s World”. In that comic, “Kota” is an acronym for “Keith Of The Apocalypse”. And yes, there was a prophecy about him, too. And super-powered people who changed the world. He’s rebooted it a couple of times, the most recent being “Mailbox Rocketship”.

    Sorta makes you go Hmmmmmm…

    But in this world, where two people can come up with calculus independently, (I don’t know how anyone managed to come up with it ONCE, much less twice, it’s all Greek to me) I suppose there’s room enough for an infinite number of primates to bang out the same sort of story elements into something resembling each other.


  3. I’ve clicked the image over the Amazon Logo several times to no effect. It isn’t the specific collection I’d recommend, but many choices are better than no choices. I have your entire series, the Velveteen stories, Archer’s “Villains Don’t” series (four books and counting), “So Not s Hero,” “Just Cause,” and webcomics like “Grrl Power” and Marvel and DC

  4. So how does this collection come about? Did you and all these others just talk together and decide it was a good idea, or is there someone/something pushing it?

    1. Maybe they colluded in secret to bring attention to a new genre?
      Take THAT Dewey Decimal System!!!!

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